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Hey Guys! It's the FNG


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Hey guys I'm Rus or Kankyceez I've been playing CoD since MW3 and I mainly purchased this to fix the lag in BO3.  I game on PS4, GT: "KankyCeez".  I really like the community that you guys have created on here.  It seems like there is a lot of sharing of information and I like that!


I haven't quite found the sweet spot for my settings but I'm still working on it.  I am located in Columbus, Ohio.  I have 50/5 service through TWC.  I'm still not sure whether throttling the connection works or not but it does seem like they instantly killed you if you leave CC high (over 1mb/s upload in game).  I'm also not sure about pre emptive or reactive but I'm testing them out. Any tips in that area are much appreciated.  


I previously had the nighthawk router and seemed to get nuclears quite frequently.   I'm hoping to get this NetDuma fine tuned because I'm confident it will be much better.   However, I did a quick road to commander this past week using the Duma. I mostly played Domination and Team Deathmatch which resulted in 370 SPM and 4.15 k/d but I didn't have a single nuclear in 55 levels.  


Soooo hello everyone! :)

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What's up kankyceez?  Great gamertag btw.  Welcome to the forums.  I'm on XB so I can't say much to help with your settings. I tried restricting the bandwidth to my console, but I'm not really a good enough player to be able to tell if it made much difference.  I do know when I'm playing on a steady server (not much jitter) with around 20- 35 ms ping to the server, I'll have really good games.  IMHO the main thing you want to look for is your base ping to the server you're playing on, and then watch the fluctuations in your base ping on the duma's CC page.  For example, if you're playing on a server with a base ping of 15 ms, you might think SWEET, IMMA be a god here...but then you notice your ping is dropping down to 10ms and then up to 40ms and it keeps bouncing up and down like that it's going to be a rough match for you.  I'd rather play on a server with a flatline ping of 35 ms than a jittery 15 ms server.  There is always going to be some change in the ping, but if it's drastic it makes your games crappy. 


Right now this is my set up for most games:

Geo off - most games I play are not supported by the Geofilter

console in hyper traffic

share excess enabled

CC sliders at 70% up and down


Then I'll make sure I ping the game server I get placed on and watch to see if it's jittery. If it is, I switch game modes or try to get on another server

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Hey, welcome to the forum!


One of the best ways for us to help optimise your settings would be to include screenshots from this guide http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000022425-lag-support-instructions-to-post-on-the-forum-


I would usually recommend: 70/70 anti-flood, share excess enabled, reset device prio, console in hyper traffic, ~1000km radius, strict on, ping assist 0.

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Welcome to the forums and as far as settings go everyone's home network is different but if you're carrying a 4.15 KD I would say you're settings are already pretty good... ;)


It's a tough call with BO3 but I would just repeat what Fraser said and start with 70/70 on CC and go from there.Try experimenting and move some settings around and see what happens.


But IMO throttling doesn't work (for me anyway) most of us have probably tried it but soon realize it's effects (if any ) are short lived.So start with the 70/70 and adjust from there if needed.


Best of luck to you... :D

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Hi and welcome, I have never had a nuke in any version of the game and i been playing since cod4, main reason is I play tfo, I watched some youtube dbag sand ravage or something on MW2 on Dom get a nuke, (in the day that it was the game ) the guy ran past flags and let his team mates capture. Full tilt arsehole in my book. seriously do not worry about things like that IF YOU ARE GOING TO PLAY THE GAME AS INTENDED. if not just fill your boots doing your shit and enjoy.

I saw a guy on twitter the other day saying how his R1 had helped him so much. The final score he had like 60 kills and 2 deaths with 2 frikking captures on Domination. My fuckking mom at 78 can get 2 captures on Dom, and he had the cheek to piss and moan that he got team killed twice!!!!! Really, only twice? Id have done him till I got booted. Asshole.

Anyway Reverend out, LOL

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