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What optimum settings do you use on Black Ops 3?


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So I bought the Netduma R1 because I suffer from large amounts of lag compensation on black ops 3 and generally all call of dutys. Since I've been using the Netduma I haven't noticed any change in the connection, I still receive lag comp in game. so I was wondering if anyone has suffered from lag comp and has managed to fix it, help appreciated.


I have bt infinity 2. 80 download/ 20 upload.


Bored of being insta killed!!!   :(


p.s not sure if it has any thing to do with where i live which is cornwall 

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Firstly welcome to the forum  :)


I'm not an expert by any means but I have a similar upload/download to you. Try looking at the fine tuning settings in the link below as suggested by the Netduma team.




I've also found this guide below really helpful as well. You shouldn't go too far wrong if you follow what it says. I'm on PS4 by the way.Hope this helps you in some way.




By the way don't get too stressed trying to get an 'A+' for bufferbloat or line quality. 'A' should be sufficient and I've had crisp gameplay with that.

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I'm going to wander out on a limb and assume you are in the UK, as you have BT.  :)


Black Ops 3 has been giving just about everyone fits with its' sporadic hit detection and gun fights.  Which system are you on?  I believe the XB1 has the northern Ireland dedi and the PS4 has the Southern Dedi.


Depending on who you talk to, either of them plays well, or is a nightmare.  Opinions vary because there is so much that can't be controlled by the NetDuma.


Are you on the most up to date software?  If so, have you put your console in the Hyper Lane?  


The latest upgrade has helped many, but it was far from the silver bullet we were hoping for with this title.


What the Duma can do is optimize your entire home network, so you don't have any self inflicted problems with lag and spikes from other home dwellers eating up bandwidth.


Once those 1's and 0's leave your house though, you are at the mercy of the Network Gods, as are we all I am afraid.  Unfortunately they are rarely generous with their love.   :huh:

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Yes i am from the uk , an i am on the ps4 . And i am on the latest software. I have put the ps4 in the hyper lane.

Also i set my ps4 an pc on the netduma an the other devices on the HH5. But i got to say last night was the best 

it has ever played for connection wise. I tweaked the settings a  little an it seemed to work so hopefully  its fixed!!!

Thanks for the reply's an help   :P

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Base ping 17ms with no ISP jitter

Xbox One

Geo filter over the UK and Ireland

Reactive @ 70% congestion control

Console in the hyper lane

Device prio reset, everything with an equal amount and share excess ticked

deep packet off

ipv6 off

auto ping off

ping peer off

Auto cloud/bleeding edge cloud on


It has been the best cod since MW 1 & 2 for me, a lot of it is down to ISP jitter why people struggle.

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Should i turn ipv6 an deep paket off then ???

and also the only way i could achieve A+ on bufferbloat and quality was setting it to preemptive 44% on down an up

on reactive the best i could get was A+ on bufferbloat an B for quality an that was 89 % on down an up ?

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Bufferbloat is when others are using your line which creates local jitter or when you max out your line on a speed test.


For me all the counts is the bufferbloat score so when my son is on youtube it will not affect me while I game.


In my tests using pingplotter while running speed tests up and down or downloading at full speed using usenet reactive wins in keeping my ping jitter low.


Baseline 17ms with downloads 17ms jumping to a whopping 18ms ;)

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Everything that I do not need on I turn off so multicast snooping local link ipv6 ping host etc, keep those CPU cycles down and just play and enjoy is what I say :)

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