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Creative X7


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I ended up buying the creative x7 sound blaster after seeing some reviews and seeing a few posts on here.


It sounds great for music via my PC but when using it on my PS4 I feel it is under performing as footsteps in particular are very inconsistent eventhough the enemies aren't using dead silence. My astro a40's picked up more footsteps consistently than the x7 :(


Also isn't direct mode SPDIF in supposed to work if I have the optical plugged in? it doesn't


So if anyone would be kind enough to post a screenshot of their settings




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I have the X7 with Sennheiser Game One headset.  I am running optic from PS4 to X7 and using the Creative BT-W2 bluetooth dongle for chat audio.  The BT-W2 plugs into the PS4 and paired with x7.   I have my laptop wired to x7 as well to stream Pandora for music listening while gaming.  I have played extensively with the X7 settings to try to get the best footstep and overall sounds as possible.  I have played around with all the SBX and equalizer settings.  I am at work and don't remember all the settings, but I will try to remember to upload my profile for you to try.   

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Based on what I read, and in talking with UK_Wildcats, I also purchased the X7.  Disappointed to hear the problems you are having Astroman55, as I know the unit isn't cheap.


I'll be checking back to see what settings UK has dialed in, as I know from talking to him this was not a quick one and one journey for him.

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There must be a ohm's switch or button in the GUI for lower and higher ohm's HP's


Headphones can range from 32ohm like portable HP for iPods or phones and up to 600ohm for pro audiophile stuff as they need more juice.

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I posted this over at the Xim4 forums, it seems equally applicable here. If you want to chat via the X7, get a BT-W2 Bluetooth transceiver. If not, ignore the BT-W2 stuff below. I use Fidelio X2 cans and a V-Moda BoomPro mic with the X7 and it's the stink.



The X7 should beat the pants off your MixAmp. I had similar issues when I first got the X7 where my MixAmps sounded better for positional cues. It was primarily related to Dolby Digital not being passed from the PS4 to the X7, which was easily identified by the unlit Dolby logo on the X7.
There's a number of things you can double-check to correct surround sound and chat audio issues on the X7. Don't use X7 Audio Profiles, they're crap. Instead, tweak the following settings on PS4 and X7  -
1. On the PS4, head to Settings > Devices > Audio Devices, set both Input and Output Device to the BT-W2 and Output to Headphones should be set to Chat Audio. Adjust Volume Control (Headphones) - that should affect chat audio volume on the PS4.
2. In the X7 app, go to Mixer and adjust Playback > BlueTooth volume. That should affect chat audio volume on the X7. Adjust Speaker volume (game audio) and Bluetooth volume (chat audio) until you find the right balance.
3. On the front of the X7, is the Dolby Digital logo lit up? If not, you need to change PS4 > Settings > Sound and Screen > Audio Output Settings > Audio Format (Priority) to Bitstream (Dolby). This is the big one - positional cues will be watered down significantly if set to Linear PCM because DD is disabled on the X7.
4. X7 app > SBX Pro Studio - Surround @ 100%, Crystaliser at 70%, Bass at 20%. Crystaliser and Bass are optional and tend to flesh out the soundscape rather than enhance positional cues.
5. X7 app > Cinematic - set to Full. This is Dolby Digital on the X7 side.
6. X7 app > Equaliser - set to Acoustic, then adjust the Level (far right column) upwards to 2dB. Not required, but sounds a touch better to my ears.
7. X7 app > Scout Mode - try toggling this to see if positional cues improve. I personally don't use it because it kills a lot of detail, but it might help in BO3.
8. X7 app > CrystalVoice - enable and change FX to Elderly for sh!ts and giggles. This'll make you sound like a creepy old pervert and freak out 90% of the prepubescent Call of Duty crowd. Be sure to couple with tea-bagging for the full effect.
9. X7 app > Crystal Voice - enable Noise Reduction to clean up small background noises picked up by your mic.
10. X7 app > CrystalVoice - if you're getting noticeable echo in voice chat, try the Acoustic Echo Cancellation setting. From memory, this caused other problems, so use with caution.
Aside from possible misconfiguration, the reason you're hearing positional cues better on the MixAmps may be because they knock out so much of the soundscape detail compared to the X7. Scout Mode on the X7 does much the same thing. Personally, going back to a MixAmp from the X7 is like putting my head underwater.
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I must be Stupid or the X7 is faulty (probably the first one) but I did try your settings with little success but thanks anyway.


Maybe I use the money on the new astro a40 TR? I must be the only person that thinks the mixamp is better  :(


What headphones are you using?


Have you updated the X7 firmware and PC app?

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