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Why I delayed?

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20ms is excellent.  Your ping to the server is NOT the problem. 


Describe what you are calling lag.  What are you noticing/feeling in game?  You are Skipping?  Others are Skipping?  Connection Interrupted messages?  Or do you just feel behind everyone else?


What is your Upload/Download Bandwith? Just curious

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Despite 20ms, I'm lagging, my opponents have a head start on me, when I look at the killcam I cry so this is not what I saw in my screen.


My speed is 3.8Mbps and 0.8Mbps


My problem is the game is not smooth and the enemies appear suddenly.


Yet I try everything, I have a screen Benq 1ms, but nothing goes ...


My control is congestion on 90/90.


Have tips ....... ???

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