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Speed Problems after new update


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since the new update (1.03.5) i am having problems with internet speed. my settings are all how they should be.

having a 100 mbit down and 40 up connection gives me these wired test results:

turbo & super turbo mode unticked: 38 mbit down&up (setting i should use)

turbo mode on& super turbo unticked: max 10 mbit down& 5 up

turbo&super turbo on: 93 down & 40 up (the result i usually got before update)

so thats my problem, i dont want to use super turbo because i want to have Congestion control. can someone help me?


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There is a bug with the device priority, reset both buttons.


This will be fixed in the upcoming firmware.

thank you for the quick answer, which buttons do you mean? reset distribution?

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it had something to do with the priorisaton, however im still not getting 93 down (getting 80) and its not that stable. hopefully it get fixed in the next update.

but i am still wondering why i get way better wifi results with turbo and super turbo ticked. ticked: ~75 unticked: ~55 . is there a reason for it?

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You shouldn't need the turbos on for your connection: 


100% sliders


Share excess on

Device prio reset and applied

IPv6 off in WAN, LAN & misc 

Deep packet off in misc


No reason that I know of why turbo would increase wireless speeds

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These are exactly my settings. Thats why i am wondering. I've done several speed test on different servers, always with the result that turbo gives me better speeds at least in wireless

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