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New User in Northwest Arkansas


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Just wanted to say hello, and see if anyone has any wisdom to share from the same area as me. Play Black Ops 3 mostly.



Welcome, I'm in missouri.. So I should be able to help alittle... Do you primarily connect to the Dedi in Missouri when you play? or the one near Florida/Louisiana? (I think that is where one is..)

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Howdy Jeeves - You are in the right part of the country, most of the good servers are in your neck of the woods....LOL


Here are some settings we recently tested and can recommend for Black Ops 3.  This is somewhat of an entry level tip as we are still working on some more advanced settings.


Other than that, just find a server you like and start making some minor adjustments to things like your sliders and TRACK YOUR PROGRESS.  Make one change at a time and then play a good sample size to truly test it.  Make some notes, make another change and play again.  Do this for a day or two and you will find a sweet spot for your specific set up and gaming style.


If you need help, send up the white flag.  Tons of hardcore gamers here and most of us are grinding Black Ops 3 currently.  :-)

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