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  1. Someone help am from uk and can not get a dedi server only peer iv tried setting me ps4 too geo filter before i turn ps4 on also waited 2 min before ps4 turn on but still get peer server when i turn ps4 on am not seeing any dedi server at all which i dont understand
  2. Am having really bad problems with lag i cant seam to get a good its not pinging any host when am in game am having awful games iv turned the game off twich because its been that bad i dont know what am doing wrong i dont even know if iv got this new software set up wright lol am not tech zavi lol someone help
  3. Someone help am trying to setup my dumos os since i upgraded to the new software my ping as hit the roof when i do a test on dsl report iv tried moving the sliders up and down but my ping report either fails or its the roof i cant understand it on old software i used to get A+ everytime i did it but now am lucky if i get a c
  4. Someone help me iv upgraded to new software when i do a bufferbloat test dsl report my ping its the roof iv tried setting the sliders to 70% on each still hits roof iv tried setting sliders from 5% each and gone up in 5s all the way upto 100 each dsl either fails half way through or just goes nuts i dont know what am doing wrong i never had this trouble on old software
  5. So iv been able to get my speeds sorted i read that i need to change firmware from g to j so i did that and it worked for me only thing is now when am in games on ps4 it lagging really bad like am spiking can you help me with that now lol
  6. Am not using pppoe Ipv6 is disabled Yes am using the same device to compare speeds Modem is in modem mode
  7. had bad speeds all night just waiting on your instructions thanks
  8. Iv not set anything as yet ie my speeds or owt in set bandwidth until you tell me too and iv already changed the cable 3 x
  9. Through the netduma am geting speeds of 31 up and 11.5 down
  10. Wired Speedtest.com 361 download 21 upload And iv done everything it says to do in that optimal settings and still really bad
  11. Someone help iv just upgraded to virgin vivid 350 but i cant get full speeds on my netduma Iv tried all the optimised things on here but no joy
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