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  1. Shortest possible time is 2 - 3 Netduma years!
  2. The main issue I have, the closest server which would be Florida give me the highest pings like over 120 m.s. When i connect to the one in Alabama or Texas is atleast 80 m.s. never below it. Another issue is trying to find the right Anti-Blufferbloat because 70/70 don't work for me. What can i do to find the right Anti-blufferbloat
  3. isp modem wired to xr500 wired to the xbox. I am in Jamaica connected most time connected to the Texas server.
  4. How do i go about doing that? Any recommendatons?
  5. Sometimes I feel like the netduma is useless. You emptying a clip only to get turn on a get two shot. When you check the kill cam only two hit reg only two bullets connect out of 30. Always getting connected to 80 plus ping servers. I am just fed up
  6. Going to try this because sometimes the netduma come like a useless brick!
  7. oh ok scratching my head but will go home and check it out.
  8. It just grey out. No error message.
  9. I disable the geofilter still can't send out
  10. I am having an issue where I can't send game invite on xbox! My NAT is open but still can't send invite
  11. Why is i can't send game invite on the xbox? And how i can fix it?
  12. So in blackout I am not able to hear enemies foot steps in the game. I am on the xbox not sure if is because i have the geo filter or strict mode tick. Any suggestions to what i am doing wrong?
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