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    marki3d reacted to Netduma Fraser in Error message   
    This has already been fixed so will be in the next Netgear firmware. If you downgrade you do not get the error so if you need it then you can do so. If you're doing it for CoD then DumaOS Classified Games does that already. Also the rule you put in would not work as you should not change the source ports, leave them as default.
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    marki3d reacted to Uzumaki619 in Black Ops 4 Support   
    Fix that server in Florida.  Kept getting kick everytime looking for in game. It say lobby not joinable
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    marki3d reacted to mohands in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    they are happy for their partnership with Netgear, they forgot who gave them the positive reputation to reach this place. but they forgot that companies care only about sales, and if the router  router doesn't have a good sales record, they will cancel their partnership, and it's only us who care about you netduma
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