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  1. MW is bad for me too. I have some decent games but connections are never stable or consistent, even if I'm on a 10 ping server it's still bad. Every other game I play I have no problems, but MW is never consistent no matter how low the ping is. It's just the game's fault.
  2. Share excess is ticked because I never need to touch it. I think bufferbloat is disabled with QoS disabled because it says it disables all QoS features, but I set it to never anyway just in case.
  3. It's funny because playing with QoS disabled kind of defeats the purpose of using a DumaOS router (other than using the geofilter) and seems blasphemous, but it actually does make gameplay better for me lol People might say it's placebo too but it's not, I've been playing with it disabled for a while now. I've owned a Netduma since 2016 and yes, I've had amazing games and plenty of nukes with my specific QoS settings, but games just play better for me more consistently with it disabled and I have no clue why. Of course everyone's connection is different, so it's not gonna work for every person, but for me it does 👍
  4. Having same issues as everyone else in this thread. All worked fine on Xbox last night (after downloading milestone 1.3 firmware), but can't find a single game after today's game update.
  5. Thank you! Just downloaded it and all is good. Very much appreciated!
  6. Yep same thing for me. Check for latest and says no new firmware (V2.0.0.28).
  7. Damn. I've yet to test without a Duma, but my brother never gets disconnected and he doesn't have a Duma. Can't see how it can be a Duma issue because before the last 2 updates I never had a problem, but now a lot of disconnects.
  8. Haven't played WW2 in a few days, but the latest update today says "Fixed issues relating to disconnects." Is anyone still getting disconnected after games end?
  9. Tried this and it worked, no more disconnects. The last update must have screwed something up but all is good now after a reset. EDIT: it stopped happening for the first few hours after resetting but now it's happening again. It's definitely the game.
  10. No nothing, no padlocks show up.
  11. Yeah same for me, never had any issues at all until this update. My settings are: 800 miles, 40ms ping assist, 40/70 CC. Games play good for me but the constant disconnects after every game is really annoying, especially when I'm in good lobbies.
  12. Yeah has to be, has only been happening to me ever since the update and it's annoying lol Just wanted to see if anyone else has had the same problem on Xbox.
  13. Is anyone else getting "communication with the Activision servers has been interrupted" after every single game on Xbox? I've been getting it after each game I finish since this new update yesterday.
  14. Just to reiterate, no more need to have 41, 38, 28 for cloud settings on Destiny 2 anymore? Auto and bleeding edge cloud can now both be ticked without any problems? If so that's awesome.
  15. Been playing for a few hours now with these settings and so far so good for me. Haven't been kicked once.
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