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  1. Good morning all and sundry! I just wanted to confirm nytemare01’s issue and have noticed similar issues with BF1.
  2. Good day all sorry for the long absence as I was very ill. I was wondering if anyone has yet to suggest a Timer/Schedule feature for the WiFi radio on the NetDuma? Perhaps we can have a feature where we can schedule when our WiFi radio is transmitting/receiving i.e. like when I'm asleep I can program the router's OS to shut of the Wifi radio...
  3. .. Don't forget that achieving a consistent gaming experience, especially on COD is a multifaceted problem...As for me, I can achieve pretty decent results playing COD with proper setup. I'm not the greatest player but I stay competitive. DSL Rreports as a general tool for testing your line is not a bad thing, especially since it's free. Also, don't forget that if ever the bufferbloat gauge jumps out of the green even for a split seconds means there are issues somewhere. You might get three or four lag spikes sometimes and still get an A+...
  4. Try this on for size. I have yet to try it. I'll try to post my results later today. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jplafke/2017/03/31/how-to-finally-fix-slow-ps4-and-psn-download-speeds-for-real/#7ec7ce692d4e Here's the original source too. Interesting read... https://www.reddit.com/r/PS4/comments/522ttn/ps4_downloads_are_notoriously_slow_i_might_have/d7gvuvh/
  5. This is one of the rare occasions that a dedicated server hurts us. Lol.
  6. It is more than likely the handshake server as reported by Mike. Next time you try to login to destiny add that server ID to your safe list. Then after you've connected to the game etc. logout of destiny. Next, turn on geofilter to range you want, preferably one that excludes the handshake server you put on your safe list. Wait a couple of minutes then log back in to destiny and see if you are able to connect. The reason I realized this was because after playing COD IW i wasn't able to login to destiny because of the small radius I use to play IW. BUNGIE's handshake server was always outside of that hence the Marionberry errors.
  7. You'll have to pardon my ignorance, I guess I don't what you mean. The router's OS if programmed correctly should be able to tell you "who" is associated with the bar you click on or hover over for instance. Just like when you click on the person's ring on the map. Then the same rules apply as always with host filtering the router currently uses. Nothing else should change, right?
  8. I wouldn't want someone to be kicked but I would like the to be able to put them on the red list so I never have to connect to them again at a later date.
  9. I thought it would have thanks for the response.
  10. If this hasn't been thought of yet I think it would be a great feature. If we could block hosts via the ping bar graph it would be awesome. We wouldn't have to rely on the map as much in game. For instance, sometimes I'm playing BO3 I have the router set to strict, 30ms, 700 mile radius, etc. but somehow a 120 ms player joins the match. If I could click on his/her ping bar to add him to my red list that would be awesome.
  11. mosvalve

    NAT Changes

    I hope it does too, and I'm glad I could help!
  12. I was wondering how useful an Ethernet switch in between the router and connected consoles would be. Forgive me for asking (loaded question), but is it possible that the auto negotiation be better in a dedicated switch than the NetDuma? Wouldn't the switch have a better time determining where the traffic is supposed to go...theoretically since that's all the switch does? Or is it robust enough in the NetDuma to handle it?
  13. mosvalve

    NAT Changes

    In that box you type in the last number/s of your XBOX's IP address. You can find it in your XBOX's network settings page. Example: In the example above you type in 15 Edited misspelling
  14. mosvalve

    NAT Changes

    Here is a link to a previous post on the forums. If you know the IP address of your XBOX 1 this is the easiest way. If you don't know your XBox's IP address just let us know we'll help you find it. http://forum.netduma.com/topic/2821-static-ips-for-devices/ See if that helps...
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