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  1. I do not know what happened, but now the pings are the same and it seems that the game is played the same, whether it is turned on or off
  2. I have it too, I'm also curious
  3. I do not agree, I have a 22 ms server, dedi near paris, 22 ms on netduma chart, geo 70ms on, terrible game turned on, geo off 22 dedi server on the chart, in the 35/55 game much better game,it seems to be the fault of a geo-filter, but I can't cut my hands on what it depends on
  4. yes observation mode, you can jump out the US server but I blocked it manually and it is calm all games shows without geo-filter
  5. the game is much worse you can see the delay in the fight 1v1 it seems to me that ping is more unstable after updating mw, which is why I play with the geo-filter off, and the detection of hits is very good I will add that ping is bigger only on dedi servers, peer remains unchanged, but still poor hit detection
  6. I will add that I noticed that now with geo-filter ping 60/75 enabled, it adds 20ms more and the game is not playable, I have to play with the geo-filter ping 40/50 ms off
  7. sorry i thought it weird i would know thanks
  8. hello today i had a strange vpn disconnection on playstation
  9. I don't know, I'm boring, hyhyhy
  10. The question is whether I can set xr 500 to the IP address livebox ip starting ip address final ip address will it introduce any error? because it will not be in the IP zone available for lease
  11. I added all devices and the permanent address,and xr 500 still allocates addresses, and parsing problems,when it turns off DHCP, no internet in all devices, the internet only stays on the laptop on which the router login page ,and one more question why it has received packets with no priority
  12. I will arrange all the devices tomorrow morning and send you the pictures later
  13. ip static is not good for xr500 when I set them up for several devices, I have big problems ping crazy and software also
  14. can you configure wtfast directly on xr500
  15. not when I add them then I do not have to turn off the geo-filter, the question where can I add voice servers, some white list form, and I add that my son's console opens ports normally, only my playstation pro has problems I will add an ip address in my son's console every day new, mine does not assign I have the same all the time, do you know why this is happening, and what about these voice chat port when it reboots xr500 then either mw only opens port 3047 or opens 3074 and 9308 after removing playstation from the device manager always gets the same ip address, only hard console reset and running xr500 will unload all lan devices, and the first playstation boost gives a different ip address
  16. chat only works as it turns off geo-filter, to add one person you need to add four servers voip ,but you still need to add new ones from time to time,and some friends work without a problem
  17. there was also another problem, when I turn on another game, apex, and go to mw I can't connect, a few minutes and everything works
  18. my xr500 has stopped opening vocal chat ports, only for m 3074 games, some suggestions
  19. I also noticed it, and it was after the update, the update was on Wednesday morning @Netduma Fraser
  20. hello what do you think about the router ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000,patience is over how long I have to wait
  21. bonjour j'ai adsl, pourriez-vous me dire comment le configurer sur livebox 4
  22. yes I confirm, ssd changes the whole console operation
  23. and I can ask you what router you changed,
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