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  1. This happens to me everytime I reboot netduma which leaves everybody in my house withot internet for a while. If I connect my old router works instantly, also connecting my cable modem to my pc works perfect. But with netduma takes a lot of time to obtain the WAN IP and when it does, does not browse! I get it to work by turning on netduma first with all Lan cables disconnected, then connect first one lan and wait few seconds, then connect the WAN and wait a while. I have factory reset and only can make it work with a workaround, its so bad that I have the router unplugged at the moment. I have here an ASUS and TPlink mesh and both connects instantly to the modem without a problem.
  2. Hello, I'm a recent owner of the Netduma R2 router and I enconter a big problem with dhcp functionality when changing the router's default IP range. As Any other router I tried to change the router IP address from to in network settings > network and applied the changes > no error > just the warning message about make sure to use the new ip address > ok. Waited about a minute and all of my devices where still on 192.168.77.X without internet ... Ethernet devices and wireless, so I decided to reboot the router and wait. After booting up all my devices still had assigned 192.168.77.X .. so I tried to access the netduma new ip and did not connect either, So since I sitll had 192.168.77.xxx assigned, I tried to use old ip adress and did not enter to the interface. here is where things get interesting, all my devices still had 192.168.77.xx so I went to my pc tcpip v4 and manually force the new IP range and of course by doing that I was able to access the netduma interface on so with that said I double check the dumas IP address on network settings and still was correctly set to, also I check the dhcp field and it was enabled as well. So it didn't matter how hard I tried it did not wanted to assign new ips to my network other than its default ip range of 192.168.77.x. I factory reset the router and tried again from scratch and happened the same thing!!! What I'm missing here? Thanks!
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