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    davemarsden132 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Lag Comp   
    might try that maybe
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    davemarsden132 got a reaction from Waka4412 in Shoot first die first? Come here, this is my solution   
    I leave my PC as computer in the setup, he is an engineer by trade but is extremely smart when it comes to PCs etc 
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    davemarsden132 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Shoot first die first? Come here, this is my solution   
    So I have read this post, tried it all and it worked for me but I have found me a solution that is better than this and not sure if it will help anyone but thought id share. For about a year now I have been having massive issues with Shoot First Die First in Warzone.. I have tried everything to solve it, the reducing up and down speeds worked for abit but where always hit and miss. Sometime they worked, some days not.
    Eventually my mate came up with a solution that has seemed to solve the problem for me.
    My setup was this.. Huawai Modem from BT >> XR700 >> PC
    It turns out that the QoS wasn't working correctly, thus causing LAG!.. The reason behind this was PPPoE, If you are directing your network straight to the XR700 (This also was the same on every other brand of router I tried... and trust me I tried alot!!) It would just shoot first die first.
    So what I did was change the setup to this.. Huawai Modem from BT >> BT ROUTER >> XR700 >> PC
    I put my XR700 IP into the BT ROUTER DMZ, This has worked a dream for me! My QoS is working spot on now and I am no longer shooting first and dying first, im able to quick spin and kill people shooting me etc! 
    The only issue I had with the above was that my XR700 made a random IP up again and so the XR700 was no longer in the BT DMZ and I lagged again.. So this MUST be the FIX!!

    The BT router must take the PPPoE and settle it before sending it out to the XR700 or what not... Btw i am no way in any shape or form and internet wiz.. Just thought id share what worked for me! 
    Try it out if poss
    If your already setup as above then sorry to not be able to help! 
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    davemarsden132 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in QoS?! Whats going on....   
    Its BT Home Hub 2 >> XR700
    I have turned dumaos games of and set just the 2 pcs as traffic prio
    I have now turned WAN settings to OPEN
    See how this goes cheers
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    davemarsden132 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Nat Type   
    Now ive logged on and its open xD 
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    davemarsden132 got a reaction from Jack_DK in Shoot First - Die First (POTENTIAL FIX)   
    So I have been having mega issues recently with COD playing shoot first die first.... Kill cams showed me not even shooting them after I put a full clip in them! I did research, I changed every setting possible, PC settings... Router Settings...... EVERYTHING!!! I believe I have found the fix. Now this has worked for me, it may be worth a try to see if it works for you.
    AS for research goes I found something called 'LAG COMPENSATION' basically that means, he who has the best internet... gets F***ED... Like really, I am being punished for spending a fortune on internet! I had 1000mbps DOWN and 100mbps UP. Basically what this means is that my connection was super fast, way above the UK average of about 54.2mbps, this then meant that when I was joining lobby's my internet would be the best, meaning I would essentially become the HOST. COD see this as an unfair advantage, not the fast I spend a fortune to get good internet for COD.. But nope, they say how dare you hold that advantage on other players! And thus.... LAG COMPENSATION begins! 
    So I tweeked my settings, I thought of Virgin Media hitting 500mbps... I read that COD and Gaming dosent really use that much Down and Up.. 
    Here are my settings! I hope this helps for you guys and if it does GREAT!! If not, don't give up.. I spent almost a year trying to sort this out.

    Set my PC to Xbox, put this in Filtering Mode.
    Set my location to the UK, 900km search.
    Strict Mode ON
    Auto Ping host ON
    Download - 60% which gives me 459mbps
    Upload - 60% which gives me 61.2mbps 
    In the devices section I set my Gaming PC to 50% for both Upload and Down... Essentially meaning my PC is limited to 229mbps DOWN and 30.6mbps UP.
    UPNP ON.
    Open ports for COD on Gaming PC.
    Over time I am going to try slowly alter these settings to try find the PERFECT balance.. My next trial is to UP my UPLOAD speed to approx 50mbps and see how I get on. I am then going to try turn of UPNP so that my ports changes my game to a OPEN NAT type rather than a MODERATE NAT type to see if that helps also.
    I will keep this post updated! Hope this helps people.
    'shoot first die first'
    'call of duty lag'
    'COD LAG'
    'Gaming LAG'
    'Game LAG'
    'Game Lagging'
    'XR700 LAG'
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    davemarsden132 got a reaction from Netduma Liam in Latency - Lag - Issues   
    I had a play, so it may not be fully internet responsible... I still don't understand how I can set the top tab to 70% and have my PC at 70% of all internet yet be about 5th in the list of what devices are using.
    BUT, I have my monitor plugged in with display port - I then have a HDMI to a capture card and then combined the screens using Nvidia Software - So my capture card was basically a separate screen.. But the screen was mirrored as such (IT looked like           [1|2]      rather than     [   1   ]      [    2   ] 
    I changed this back to single screen and unplugged the HDMI.. I havent been able to fully try it for long enough but it did FEEL SO MUCH BETTER... Ill keep you updated! =] 
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