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  1. Hi, I am having issues with the ping heatmat, I have tried resyncing and resetting my router. Any idea?
  2. Hi, If I have both the wifi channels disabled, can I take off the antenas?
  3. Hello 👋 Is it possible to mount the R2 upside down underneath a desk? Ideally I don't have it sitting on my desk anymore as it's using up space, I wanted to get some sort of shelf under my desk so I could put it on there but I am having trouble finding one that suits my needs. Hence why I am considering mounting it straight to the bottom of the desk.
  4. Hello Fraser, Would like to say I got the router on Saturday and it's been smooth sailing ever since. Thank you for sending it my way
  5. Hey @Netduma Fraser Should I, and if so, when should I expect an email back?
  6. Tried both and Dumaos/ again, without an adblocker and after clearing cookies. Unfortunately, no succes on either Chrome or Edge. Slowly starting to lose hope as I have no idea what caused this to suddenly happen nor how to fix the issue. Unfortunately with the way my cables are routed I can't use my gaming platforms without the router.
  7. @Netduma Fraser Hey there, good morning. The issue hasn't been resolved yet and I am starting to lose hope in it resolving itself automatically. I am on the second latest firmware, could this be the issue and would it then be possible for you guys to update this remotely? Using instead of Dumaos/ didn't work either.
  8. Just tried it again, unfortunately it didn't work. I have cleared my cookies and cache and tried 3 different browsers (fresh downloads for 2 but also cleared the cookies and cache between each attempt) I used Edge, Chrome and FireFox
  9. Yes, I have tried that about 5 times now. Quick summary: It was working fine, then when I wanted to change something it gave me that error. At this point I could still see stuff in the background. I restarted the page but it wasn't letting me in, I couldn't see anything other than the basic red/black background. I then cleared my cache and cookies and tried again.. No succes thus far, I then unplugged my R2 and tried it again about 10 minutes later, once again, nothing. I then used the factory reset button and tried it again, no succes, I repeated this step 4-5 times over the course of 24 hours. The screen I get stuck on: After a factory reset it does allow me to put in some details like passwords and download/upload speeds but after that it gets stuck on this screen. For your information, I am on the second latest firmware, I would like to update it but as you can see, I can't really get to that screen like this. This is the error I get when trying to open the app on my phone: dumaos_log_210315195731 (2).log
  10. I have the same issue but in my case it doesn't let me load the dashboard at all. I have manually reset the router 3/4 times now but I am still getting the same error.
  11. @Netduma Fraser Hey there, I have the same issues as the people above, I am unable to get anywhere. I am able to put in my details (password and such) but I can't get to a screen to update my firmware either.
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