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  1. I'm having this issue too. I'm on the latest public firmware version. Wifi works good for ~48 - ~72 hours then it starts to slow down to the point of which a reboot is required, which usually then fixes the issue for the next few days.
  2. As of this morning I'm still rapping. I notice it happens most on the dashboard and network monitor tabs. Not sure what to do from here.
  3. Thanks for the PM. I'll check it out. Appreciate the help nonetheless. 🙏
  4. Same here, router dips out at least 1x a day WiFi signal wise. If it's not the signal it's the Rapps erroring out forcing another restart. Been through a factory reset once, almost daily reboots, and the DHCP had already been set to 168. You aren't alone in this..
  5. Same issues occur here. I find myself rebooting it daily. You aren't alone!
  6. This for real. My roommates are gonna make me pitch this thing, I made comment on the last thread that was inexplicably closed, but no one reached out. Rapps error out "This Rapp is not loaded yet, please try again in a minute." forcing me to restart this hunk of plastic daily, signal drops out at least once a day (DHCP is already 168), and there's various bugs in the UI not limited to the Adblocker where I have to disable it entirely since I can't disable specific devices. Time for a hotfix or time to take to Trustpilot, SiteJabber, Consumer Reports, and other SEO heavy review sites so people can make more informed purchase decisions when they go to Google this router.
  7. Hate to jump on the bandwagon of gripes as my first post, but I've been following as a guest for a while and seen the constant delays. Bought the router and been having similar performance issues. I understand development takes time and we'd all want a quality firmware release than a buggier one. Just keep in mind we're all working from home (sure the same goes for a lot of others) and it's becoming increasingly difficult to justify keeping the router to my roommates with the issues. I love it and advocate for it on its good days, but while we may be able to delay firmware releases, I won't be able to delay a product return. Thanks for keeping up on the updates and hope to see the new update come to fruition soon. Again, I'm a supporter, but the others in my home are playing devil's advocate. 🙏
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