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  1. @Netduma Fraser what exactly will the fixes be in this update?
  2. so, I tried It's placebo again. But thanks @Netduma Fraser for trying to help me
  3. so.... I'm always behind, it's unplayable warzone is worst than multiplayer that's why I don't play this sh** so what's next?
  4. ok! At the moment, I prefere use you know the ping assist to 22-23-24 with set distance 0 km in the ocean. I think , it's the best way for this game today to find close server. I play MW but: Maybe tomorrow , i will play Warzone to try for fun but i'm scared XD
  5. so here: 100/100 auto-enable 1000/1000 My isp seems normal here except "speed test"
  6. What is happening here!!! XDD So funny XD ahahaha
  7. It's not normal to reboot a router so many times. It's not your fault.
  8. so you guys are like that XD: (joking ^^ XD)
  9. on .205, now all my device are "unnamed device". On R2, 700maxdown and 100up max on nperf.com on xr500 950down and 400 up on nperf.com can you explain? I use vendor class 60 like my isp router so. lol maybe later, my isp is f***** sh**** tonight but for fun let's go: usualy, I have 19-20 ping but tonight it's yolo!!! slide 100/100 1000/1000 auto enable-here
  10. just the test immediately "Advanced" auto setup works but he always says 30/30, we can't put lower than 30 so... My ping? Usually on geo-filter, 19 with this isp, but today for exemple he goes 26 , 27, 30, it's not stable and in game usualy 23-27 35-40 with 19 of ping on geo-filter
  11. So I reinstalled the.123 and did a factory Reset. Then I reinstalled the .205 and did a factory Reset. doesn't work : one test and stop
  12. the last .120 beta on xr 500 but I don't want play on it. It's always buggy, I'm gonna sell it. The Xr500 is a shame. The R2 is more stable in game but like the xr500 The TP "Dumaos classified games" doesn't work in game for my pc, for Call of duty, Battlefront 2, Valorant etc. 95% of people who bought your routers bought them to play CALL OF DUTY Why doesn't this Game have a TP profile???? WHY???!!! I spent 400€ and so many days, time, sleepless nights for these products and it doesn't work, it's not my job to make a list of games. I need to put "games console" profile for call of duty. Ok, it's RED in game but: or When it's working for exemple with "dumaos classified games" for Battlefield 5, or other games, ok it's RED but: It's like PLACEBO Your routers are like placebo If I play with the Isp Router, it's the same thing as yours, no difference at all and wait: On xr 500, without qos my connection is 950m down and 400 up on R2 without qos my connection is 700-720 down max and 50-100-200 etc up (maybe i's my provider for the upload ok but i have never 400 up with R2) and auto qos doesn't work on .205 (just 1 test and stop), on .179 yes but he says 1% and other bull**** @Netduma Fraser you just wrote that on the other topic for call of duty: Traffic Prio prioritizes the game by default but we allow people to experiment with ports to see if they can find anything they prefer It's not true, It doesn't work for PC like I said before! Sorry to be like this, But I'm sick of it ok, thank you Better HitREG , Better logic when I shoot a guy and not be afraid to play. I don't play warzone for that, I didn't buy Cold War for that. I just play MW19 for now because almost no one play other cod on pc today... because crossplay wasn't on the old games. I've already did this by reinstalling the.179 , factory reset and reinstalling the .205 and factory reset again. Maybe by reinstalling the .123 and then the .205, that will settle things.
  13. hi! With your "little separate router", the connection was established automatically before or not?
  14. Tu veux dire "utiliser le vpn juste pour la xbox"? Si oui, tout est l'intérêt du Hybrid Vpn de netduma Tu connectes ton vpn et ensuite tu choisis les périphériques à exclure ou à inclure au vpn.
  15. Look: It's on Netduma R2 but I do the same result on XR500 with this firmware, Speed test is not very important on "Connection Benchmark", because it's little buggy BEFORE SLIDE AND NEVER: AFTER WITH SLIDE AND ALWAYS: It's very cool ! Enjoy!
  16. I'm jalous of your ping. But no, i'm saying that because I want 60ms or little more servers to test like @Kfetish said before. and ping heatmap say wrong stuff sometimes, I have a 14,15 ms server in Paris
  17. Not at all, I was alone in this configuration I will try every european server to test But as you can see in my case, same ping everywhere lol:
  18. ok, I will try but I steel want to know why prioritization on pc doesn't work. South of France
  19. The prioritization for pc doesn't work, no relation to the level. And I just need to know why it doesn't work on pc, that's all, I never said "I'm the best" I have been playing FPS for 15 years. Just COD has a problem , I'm not the only one to say that. and for info, players in 9, 20ms lobbies like you said has not 9, 20ms but 40, 60 120 sometime 200, all the ping possible But this, you don't know because on console, you can't see the ping players, just yours and on the pause menu Just Cold War PC Shows the bar like console I'm not looking for an advance , I'm looking for something Logical! By exemple, a guy with 60, 80ms ping and you shoot him with 20ms and you die even though you shot before him or become red almost every time, It's not Logical I need Logic, we need logic for a better world lol I said lol but I'm serious
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