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  1. Don't be trash and post on Ebay For people from PS who want to do activities in solo
  2. Please, if you find the solution share in the forum. My product change period on Amazon expired:(
  3. The router works perfectly by cable...... doesn't emit wifi signal in any band (signal analyzers can't find it either), I'm afraid I have to send it to be repaired.
  4. Thank you, but I already tried everything described in the forums.... I saw someone had the same problem but couldn't fix it.
  5. It does not emit Wi-Fi signal, I could not fix it with reset or lowering firmware. In options it appears that the 2 bands are active but none of my 17 Wi-Fi devices at home can see the xr700
  6. They say that in about 2 weeks the beta will begin.
  7. I have changed my password and made a new login and now everything is correct. Thank you.
  8. About the app....black screen and point but not map.
  9. 28/5000 Waiting for the beta for XR700 😁😀
  10. Can you put a screenshot of the Destiny servers? In the case of the xbox, they belong to or are registered in the name of Valve-Corporation. We may finally have dedicated servers for the new generation or are testing for future crossplay.
  11. I understand you're talking about PC because on xbox it works perfectly
  12. Geofilter works perfectly, the only change is that now it does not link to a server when entering the game ...... even if the server is outside the filtering range, we connect to that server automatically.
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