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  1. I bought an XR500 and XR700, paid for what they offered and now they offer us more upgrades at no extra cost.....try upgrading PC software with version changes. All the hours it takes to develop need time and costs that most cannot be amortized without bringing out a new product.
  2. Placebo effect...no difference between Cat 6 to Cat8 (at 1Gbps speeds) and less in ping values.
  3. I think that both Netgear and DumaOS will give you a pleasant surprise in less than a month .... it is the beginning of something surprising. No other company offers what they give us and the time can sometimes be frustrating but necessary. Patience.
  4. I could not watch IPTV (Vodafone Spain) with XR500 and XR700, all attempts for iptv and ip voice with the valid configuration were a failure. The only thing that works by setting the operator's VLAN / Bridge was the internet connection. I think it's a firmware problem, the configuration for operators IPTV in manual mode is basic. I have an Asus RT-AX88U configured and working IPTV, internet data and IP voice for vodafone TV Spain and in less than 10 minutes everything was working perfectly ....... with XR500 and XR700 I was losing more than 10 hours and only I run data from the internet in the ports and in the deco but nothing from IPTV channels and IP voice. I would like to put the Netgear as the main one but I can't do without TV and phone calls ... for the moment my main router is Asus.
  5. Thanks to the whole team for giving users the opportunity to test the beta. I am currently with the XR700 beta but the forum is dead, participation is minimal. Good luck to everyone.
  6. The Destiny servers for example just let me allow and the option to deny server is blocked.
  7. We all expect the announcement of 1.4 but the communication is minimal.
  8. I am with the new beta for xr700 and it contains DumaOS version: v1.4.8 ..... what improvements does it have? I don't see anything new.
  9. Strict mode activated, vpn hybrid activated with Nordvpn. I know because in competitive with high points they usually do it ... they also attack another player of my team and we cut the voice chat in xbox. One of the players has slogan in the profile of xbox stressthem.to with which I guarantee it was a Ddos attack
  10. Destiny's Ddos Attacks, some way to block these attacks without using Vpn? In competitive they throw me the connection and in the logs you do not see the attack
  11. I have an XR700 and I have to turn it off every 2 days because either the wifi doesn't work or I can't delete devices that are supposedly online. Months without updating to small errors. I don't care about the reputation of netgear-netduma, but being aware of a router with frequent failures is worse than recharging a smarwatch every day.
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