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  1. About the app....black screen and point but not map.
  2. 28/5000 Waiting for the beta for XR700 😁😀
  3. Can you put a screenshot of the Destiny servers? In the case of the xbox, they belong to or are registered in the name of Valve-Corporation. We may finally have dedicated servers for the new generation or are testing for future crossplay.
  4. I understand you're talking about PC because on xbox it works perfectly
  5. Geofilter works perfectly, the only change is that now it does not link to a server when entering the game ...... even if the server is outside the filtering range, we connect to that server automatically.
  6. They are only seen at the same point but with different Ip and Id, I can deny them but it always looks for another one in the same location with a different IP.
  7. Correct, it is for login but with geofilter activated it connects perfectly even if it is outside the radius. Bungie's problem is that the servers are hosted in the USA and in Europe I don't see any available.
  8. Actually the geofilter works, the problem is that now you are always connected to the server (first it was peer to peer), the server is always in the same location but it changes ips over and over again. Since they made this change, multiplayer is horrible.
  9. Attached image server and other server tun101.signon.deadorbit.net, all servers in same location. Ping 166 ms Host Type Dedicated ID 9cac6a35493b5c61 Domain Name
  10. Something has changed in Destiny 2, the matchmaking and the game is managed by a server in the USA: Host Type Dedicated ID 73cddba66a12ccd1 Domain Name It is unfortunate the ping that we have in Europe in recent days, it always connects to the same server and it cannot be denied ..... it is not possible to connect to another server the 100x100 of the games is filter on or off.
  11. New router XR1000 + DumaOS 3.0 https://www.netgear.com/gaming/xr1000/
  12. Not bad but I'm keeping my XR700, even though I love the size of the XR1000. It is a great router but I think it will not take long to get a top of the range to renew the XR700.
  13. I'm glad to see new players in Destiny 2, I'm in a clan but 98% are Spanish and don't speak English ..... the best thing is to look at https://www.bungie.net/es/ClanV2/MyClans to find a UK clan.
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