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  1. @Netduma Fraser I think the deleted lists disappear after a reboot also I forgot you can whitelist the things you don't want blocked so I'll just add avast
  2. No they just stay up and I ended up running out of memory as well probably because I was overusing the adblocker
  3. I'm guessing you guys are using the adblocker list off this website because they block avast as well
  4. You guys have probably already seen or heard something like this but I'm wondering if it works and would be a good idea to add a feature like this to DumaOS in the future let me know what you guys think thanks. How does Kill Ping Work? To put it clearly, Kill Ping redirects your game data to its own gaming-optimized game servers. ... Kill Ping does not interfere with your non-gaming related activities. It identifies your gaming data and only sends those gaming packets through its gaming-optimized network. My testing with using just NordVPN I get better ping.
  5. So does Netgear hand out the invites to the beta?
  6. So we can compare whats the best ISP if so I hope its something like this website where it compares the best ISP by overall score https://lagreport.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/results/eune/4782
  7. I agree with the opt in option and also they can do ip ranges most games use Amazon/Microsoft/Google servers or they can use this website https://ip-api.com/# that can detect if its hosting maybe they can do something like that?
  8. It should turn on when connected to a game server maybe that would make more sense?
  9. When downloading updates or games on xbox one the Congestion Control should turn off automatically to use full bandwidth to make the download go faster idk if that would be possible but would save time ticking the off option.
  10. This was on my hotspot on pc I was monitoring incoming ips on the xbox app party and I join it with my xbox with the vpn on and it shows it leaks my actual ip Here it shows the vpn working when hosting a game of minecraft on the xbox and I join it with my pc
  11. Its an issue with the Hybrid VPN you need to change the router DNS to the expressVpn DNS &
  12. I also tested the Hybrid VPN today the VPN ip shows up when hosting games but when you join the xbox party it leaks the real ip for some reason.
  13. The Hybrid VPN needs optimizing it can sometimes make the gataway sluggish and other times not.
  14. what you mean anti-ddos? the xr500 wont even load when I get ddos have to reboot it
  15. @Mobelyou should remove the video they don't want it shared around.
  16. You guys been teasing the new featues at CES you made a video of them when you gonna upload it🙂
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