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  1. So we can compare whats the best ISP if so I hope its something like this website where it compares the best ISP by overall score https://lagreport.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/results/eune/4782
  2. I agree with the opt in option and also they can do ip ranges most games use Amazon/Microsoft/Google servers or they can use this website https://ip-api.com/# that can detect if its hosting maybe they can do something like that?
  3. It should turn on when connected to a game server maybe that would make more sense?
  4. When downloading updates or games on xbox one the Congestion Control should turn off automatically to use full bandwidth to make the download go faster idk if that would be possible but would save time ticking the off option.
  5. This was on my hotspot on pc I was monitoring incoming ips on the xbox app party and I join it with my xbox with the vpn on and it shows it leaks my actual ip Here it shows the vpn working when hosting a game of minecraft on the xbox and I join it with my pc
  6. Its an issue with the Hybrid VPN you need to change the router DNS to the expressVpn DNS &
  7. I also tested the Hybrid VPN today the VPN ip shows up when hosting games but when you join the xbox party it leaks the real ip for some reason.
  8. The Hybrid VPN needs optimizing it can sometimes make the gataway sluggish and other times not.
  9. what you mean anti-ddos? the xr500 wont even load when I get ddos have to reboot it
  10. @Mobelyou should remove the video they don't want it shared around.
  11. You guys been teasing the new featues at CES you made a video of them when you gonna upload it🙂
  12. Have a button on the Allow & Deny list that can be save to a file and then a button to reupload the file I think this could be useful for sharing to other users like a preset.
  13. Are you guys going to share what has been fixed before it comes out?
  14. What about on the geo filter when you ping host have packet loss graph like the new call of duty would that be possible?
  15. So will data history show that you are getting ddos becuase I play alot of Gamebattles on cod and I can't use hybrid vpn because of IP leaks aswell.
  16. I'm bumbing this because Halo MCC PC is coming out on the 3rd of December and they are upgrading the servers. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/mcc-development-update-november-2019
  17. I don't know if its possible but Instead of people getting confused and looking at the Netgear logs you guys should add a feature that shows a graph of high incoming traffic and high CPU usage and lable it as a possible ddos attacks something like the asus graph below.
  18. Yes everytime I get a game it will show east us on the loading screen even tho I have geo filter on filtering mode and I have said this before in the past that it doesn't work on halo mcc.
  19. Halo MCC when will the geo filter block the servers? There are over 3 million microsoft azure servers and I have an example list below of what I'm connecting to with the geo filter on filtering mode. USA East
  20. Should Respond to Ping on Internet Port be left unticked?
  21. Any news on if this is getting fixed in the next milestone?
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