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  1. How would I go about doing these settings I’m on ps5 I play only vanguard until the new caldera map comes out
  2. Hi can someone tell me how to setup nord vpn on the xr300 so I can change my location for warzone gaming on ps5
  3. I’m on ps5 so if I get a VPN it will improve my game ? I have xr300 what VPN should I use ? @Killerelite06
  4. It doesn’t say anything about ports on the console I have set a startup up for console but keeps saying port closed when I check
  5. I use port checker and put the console ip in an the ports I am checking
  6. So if I do that method I don’t need to port forward or dmz the console?
  7. Hi guys I have been trying to open my ports on ps5 I have tried dmz port forwarding and upnp but every time I do a port checker the pots are closed I have virgin hub 3 in modem mode with xr300 plugged in any help would be appreciated
  8. Hi i have used the above settings and going try them out what about anti buffer bloat how do you have that setup ? thanks
  9. @TODDzillaInLA i have put those ports in bit i am confused because in previous posts your using different ports to the ones that you gave me i play warzone on ps5 only i have turned off upnp as yiu suggeseted
  10. Hi thank you for your reply is this correct how i have done it traffic Prioritization source 1935 1934 destination 3074:3075 Both tcp udp source 3478:3480 destination 3478:3480 both thank you is there anything else i need to change on my settings atm i am using unpnp
  11. Hi im on ps5 i these the ports i should prioritize i have atm the ones you stated before to use ?
  12. Hey guys can some one please tell me if have added the correct ports please i have xr300 i play warzone on ps5 ps sorry for picture quality
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