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  1. Si En Source Port -- donde dice Start: escribe 1024 y en el que dice End: 65535. Lo mismo haces en Destination Port -- Start 1024 y End 65535. En Protocol escoge UDP. Finalmente Save. Eso es todo.
  2. MarkofJ does live close to a server and he never, ever talks about his network or connection tips and tricks. He even hides his modem / router, but I am sure he is on a fiber connection. He studied networking too.
  3. I started using these port today and lemme tell ya’ this works great!
  4. Have you asked your ISP?
  5. All Devices DumaOS Classified works fine. The other are up to you and I think depending on the game you play.
  6. Snipers are op. I guy got one shot to the knee and died. Vahn and his love for snipers.
  7. The moral to this story is Delete, delete, delete...
  8. Last night we had a Zoom meeting and could not open the meeting. Ad Blocker was blocking us from entering. I disabled Ad Blocker in order to enter our Zoom meeting, but is there a way around this or disabling it the only way around it for now?
  9. You sure can. I have the XR700 for wifi and I put my R2 behind it for my consoles. The software or DumaOS 3.0 works fine with the consoles plugged into the R2.
  10. I had the MB8600 and switched to the Netgear CM1200v2 and can confirm it is a good modem paired with my XR700!
  11. In the WAN settings, I understand that leaving the NAT Filtering as Secured is for protection of my PC or Laptop susceptible to attacks. But can I switch it to Open and if so when? Just trying to understand.
  12. That's good. What do you mean you switched MAC address from old router to the XR?
  13. De acuerdo pero nos gusta la mala vida!
  14. Are you using Auto Ping? If you set it to 0 and fast search off, you should find games within 15 to 25 ms ping.
  15. If you have an Open NAT with UPNP that is all you need. 👍🏼
  16. Not yet. Still waiting patiently. 👍🏼
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