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  1. Hi there, I have just moved over to the master race ha ha ha. Just wondering what the best way to set the pc up on the go filter amd traffic prio. Many thanks Paddee
  2. sorry faser no internet at all. i will have to plug it back in as have unplugged temporalily so i can have some games ill check beack soon thanks paddee
  3. As title says I've rebooted my router from the interface, now it won't access the interface I have powered it down and powered back on. Still not working. I have also held reset button on the back for 30. Didn't seem to do anything. All lights seem to be lighting up etc. Looking forward to a solution Thanks Paddee
  4. Edit** Just got it to update Thanks Paddee
  5. Already tried this. Still the same I will try again when I get back from work
  6. anyone having problems updating? mine gets 3/4 of the way and gets stuck
  7. as per title. my freind has a xr300 on xbox and i have a r2 on ps5. having trouble joinging each other. i cant work out how to get him to appear on my map. when im doing it playstation to playstation i just start a chat party invite them then they appear. obviously this method cant be done with cross platform hope you guys can help many thanks paddee
  8. not one currently made at the moment
  9. yes i have my freinds allowed. i will check to see if anythings blocked tomrrow as i have come off now thanks paddee
  10. having issues with party chat not connecting to people in the party. anyone elses had this issue? thanks paddee
  11. I thought reading it it sounded utter trash. Doesn't stop all the people that dont understand how these routers work jumping on the bandwagon tho!
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