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  1. Hey the interface is EXTEREMLY slow. I just bought mine 3 days ago.. Fraser sent me an update that I got to d/l when I get home and factory reset. But I or anyone shouldn't need to do that 72 hours after purchase. Don't know if it's the hardware or DumaOS 3.0.
  2. @Netduma Fraser Hey I'm experiencing the same thing. Just bought mine 3 days ago... It's ridiculously slow and the ping heatmap wont even load now... QOS, Geofilter all take 1-2 mins to populate. I had the XR500 with no issues, until literally 18 months it just died. But as far as the interface goes.. SLLOOOOOWWWW... you guys need to figure out why or it's going back. Honestly not impressed with the Netgear partnership...
  3. So I get 20-25 ms ping to server but my in game says 40-45 ms... great gameplay. I gotta try it out. how far are you from the actual server?
  4. I will have to try, I also have Comcast. 600down/15-18up. I've got right now traffic prio set manuel rules source 3074:9308 dest 30000:45000. seemed to work last night. We'll see today. And yes, I loathe Comcast!!
  5. Not trying to blame anything, but I'll put 5 bullets into someone center mass and BO4 registers 2. I just figure that's the internet problem I deal with
  6. I'll try when I get home. At work now. Slow day. LOL..
  7. @blackfirehawk Hey so how do I find out which source port my console uses?? On PS4.
  8. @Kendal My pingplotter totally skips a "hop". For example if it has 10 hops, hop 1-5 I can see, skip hop 6, then I can see hops 7-10. Would this be a problem with the line? Or is that normal? Doesn't seem like it to me...
  9. Ping in-game fluctuates from 38-42-ish ms on East Coast servers, LA is like 102, Chicago is 50-60ms in-game. Netduma on East coast showing 19-20 ping in NJ for example, while BO4 network in-game stating the above 30-42ms.
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