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  1. Playing PS3 BO2, the device manager shows the PlayStation as OFFLINE. It's hardwired with an Ethernet CAT-6 cable to the XR500. Also in addition, the geo-filter shows absolutely NOTHING besides my home location when I go to search for a game. I've got the PlayStation added as a device but as far as I know it's not working. I paid $300, for the software and it's not working. I had the R1 and it worked fine, but crapped out so I went out and got the XR500. I've heard downgrading an update could help? If so, how do you do that? Can anyone help???? Much appreciated.
  2. Anyone know why this is happening??? Should be get my ISP out here....? Thanks.
  3. So I just purchased the XR500 two weeks ago. I previously had the R1, and figured I'd upgrade hardware, anyways, I've got a PS3 playing BO2 and went to do a speed test on speedtest.net, connected to a laptop windows 10 with a CAT 6 Ethernet cable. The speed test readings seem to be weird at best.... I'd get a 15 to 20 ms ping. For example: My speeds are 120mb down / 5mb up through Comcast at 100% anti-bufferbloat. If I decrease only the upload bar say to 90% and leave download alone and do a speed test, BOTH down and up load speeds decrease versus only the upload. I would assume I'd be getting approx. 120mb down and 4.5 up. Also I'd do a dslreports test to test for bufferbloat. My bufferbloat NO LIE at 70% sliders down and up, its between 500-1000ms..if not more sometimes. Getting C and D grades. Is this the router??? I've talked to Comcast and they say the line is fine. Funny thing is I ran the same tests on my PS4 and it worked fine with the R1. (I don't have it any longer) Any help or thoughts as to what's going on?
  4. Well good news, the tech came out today and replaced both lines in the cable connection to the central service and to my house. He said that both lines were bent and weathered. It plays 100x better so far.....
  5. I feel like I'll never get the great connections you see some people have nearly every game, even people that have the netduma. Beginning to believe that the only thing that has any bearing is how close a person lives to a particular dedi server. I'm in VA smack in the middle of two servers. Have a 13ms ping on internet diagnostics, but a 20-30 ms ping to NJ or GA. There is always going to be someone closer to the server and regardless of what I have my CC set at (bc well we never max out our bandwidth here at home), most of the time, 4 out of 5, I'll lose that gun fight. And if the servers are crap, then why doesn't it effect everyone. I'm left wondering if I lived closer maybe I'd go 40-2, or 30-0 with a nuke, or V2, or whatever the current COD streak is. Sadly, probably wont happen because I'd run into the guy with the lower ping. I play to have fun but I'm competitive have always been growing up, but find myself pissed off because I pay $120/month for internet, plus the money for the game, $200 for the router and $50 for a new modem because the last one had the PUMA 6 chip in it, all in the name of tried to give me a fair shot. Only to realize after HOURS and HOURS of playing that in the end a 2 ms ping will beat a 15ms ping every time, and there's nothing I can do to even the field. Kinda feeling like I've wasted money. Cant be the only person who's thought this before..... OK rant over. I feel a little bit better now.
  6. I've got a 10 min ping plotter image showing the latency, how do you post images. I saved to my desktop, went to more post options tried to attach the file and nothing....??????
  7. Work a 9-5 so I test anything between 6pm-1am... and on weekends.
  8. So I had Comcast Performance Pro tier package, 150MB down/5MB up. I two days ago increase it to Blast for an extra $18/month. Now I'm paying for speeds of 250MB down/10MB up. Looking at the ping test on the Geo-filter pre-upgrade, there was very little spiking on the dedicated servers, mostly NJ and GA, since I live in VA. The internet diagnostics showed exceptional across the board, and zero packet loss. Avg ping was around 13ms to So ran the testing again, with the faster internet connection, and well, the ping graph looks like the freakin' Rocky mountains (go from 20ms and spike to 70ms every 3-5 seconds) now on both NJ and GA dedicated servers, and the ping didn't really decrease. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the ping supposed to be the time your information travels to the server and back? i.e.. 13ms ping = 5ms to server and 8 ms back to me. So, if true, why didn't the ping decrease? Is there anyway to decrease the number of 'hops'? I hear that can lead to lower ping if the information has less "stops" to make. Every millisecond counts right? You think I should save the approx. $240/year from upgrading the speed? Opinions appreciated! I got a TP-link 7610 modem (cable connection), hard wired to the R1, hard wired to the PS4. Thanks.
  9. Well it is working better than the Arris SB 6141 I had. Also what are your modem levels? If your upstream levels are too low you will have packet loss. How do I check this? Go to the IP for my modem? and what should the levels be? I can redo the ping plotter and post later....
  10. OK, ran it for 24 hours... and I've attached a screenshot. Not sure what I'm looking at? Any help? Recommendations.... Bought new Modem TP link 7610 per 'I am Mod Box'
  11. I know the feeling I have Comcast and I've got the same exact modem however the modem did help me from the previous modem I had. Yesterday I went on a 25 killstreak in one game in the very next game I couldn't buy a kill so I seriously think it's Comcast they just suck.
  12. Ok thx. Makes sense now.
  13. Ptingler81

    Geo filter

    So the two dedi servers nearest to me are NYC and ATL. I have the geo filter strict mode on and does not include those areas (live in VA) but I still get the Nuke symbol for the dedi server in NYC most of the time which means that I'm connected to that server. So why is that if my geofilter radius does not have that area in it, and strict mode is turned on I still am connecting to it. My ping assist is 0... I got some really good games yesterday went on a 25 killstreak never done that before. However I didn't have a nuke variant so didn't get a nuke I was using the Titan but I find that if I'm on a dedicated server in New York City or Atlanta that I start to lag and I'm wondering if that's just because they're so many people in those areas the servers are overloaded
  14. Hey mod box thanks for the suggestion man I ordered the tp-link last night and I'll have it tomorrow so I'm hoping that makes a pretty big difference
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