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  1. Can't even answer one of these questions. Terrible business practice to suggest someone alleviate their issues by upgrading to beta software that specifically says to use at your own risk. It's pretty clear that you disregard all the posts in this forum regarding Black Ops 4 not working well with the new software. Returning this and filing a report with the BBB.
  2. No problem. The help provided in the box with netduma is so basic it's laughable. I'll just return it since it's too difficult to answer questions. You guys should be ashamed with the lack of support you offer. Instructions are terrible. One guy upset he's answering too many questions. No wonder this router has such a bad reputation. I won't be back or bother you with anymore posts. By the way, seems like everyone else in this post agrees. I wouldn't be as harsh if this company didn't post videos on YouTube specifically claiming this device can help with the lag in this game , when obviously it does nothing. Just about every post I apparently pestered this company with "is an known issue with a fix coming soon." What a joke.
  3. Excellent. Thank you. Same is true for the Xbox but that doesn't have two. Lol.
  4. I'll have to look at spectator mode... The only connections I make are to red circles. I think I fixed it regarding this issue.
  5. ... Difference.... Doesn't matter what type of connection the router claims I have, the latency is typically the same as is the game play. I can be connected to a nearby host or across the country and I get the same game play. The first night I used ND, I had some great games. Then all of a sudden it was like a switch was turned and I was back to dying instantly with none of my shots hitting. Connecting to the same areas I had been all night. I can set the NetDuma for a small range with a ping assist of 20 ms. The connection in NetDuma can average 23 ms. In game I'm anywhere from 50 to 130ms on the exact same connection. Makes no sense. I've tried my own profiles as well as the CoD profiles.
  6. First, can anyone recommend a video for this stuff? It's very intense to learn. How does peer ping work? What's the numbers on it {1-4)? Sometimes it works and shows where I'm connected but most of the time it doesn't? Why do I get low pings on the router but I'm in games that are laggy that are consistently over 100 ms? Why can't I connect to servers? Which profile should I use? CoD or CoD ultimate? How do I favorite hosts? What does the allow/deny thing do? I cant seem to use it.
  7. Located in Arizona. Everything just comes up as a red circle. Also where do I go to view where I'm connected? I've yet to actually see an IP anywhere. I don't think I'm connecting to servers although I might be. I believe servers end with an E if I'm not mistaken.
  8. Looking under the device manager, my ps4 has two addresses assigned, both being 192.168.88.xx I deleted it from the device manager and rebooted the router and reserved the up address but the issue continues. Any idea why and how to fix it?
  9. I've heard I can download user profiles. Where do I do that and what profile/settings would you recmmend for this game? Thank you so much.
  10. Just curious why moving from MN to Missouri might help?
  11. Will do... Thanks.. I will say that other games that have have connections meters are steady and low. Also, speed tests that maintain a latency meter are steady typically within a ms. I'll give ping plotter a try.
  12. Thank you so much. Would you be able to tell me how to exclude or favorite servers? Thank you again!
  13. ... Has about the same connection? Ive connected to a few games so far and notice my connection speed in game (the games numbers) and what I experience is the same regardless of where I'm connecting. I have connected to a server nearby on the west coast and one across the country (US), and the hit detection feels the same. The latency in game is also the same... Always varying between 30-60 ms, but never steady.
  14. I have strict off.... For some reason, the geo filter won't acknowledge the servers. Ideally I would like to be able to connect to just the closest ones. I believed I'm only connecting to p2p games. Any advice?
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