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  1. Picked the Astro C40 up a few days ago, and it's amazing. It was fun stomping rooms with a standard controller but smacking a few more people every lobby with this baby is pretty nice. No complaints what so ever.
  2. Astro all the way if i get another controller... when you get some time in with the new beast please keep us updated. I'd love to know your thoughts after playtime.
  3. I"ve actually thought about that just for the jump paddles. I just wish they didn't have a mod pack on it. Decided against it just cause i didn't want to give money to support a company that puts a pure cheat device out. I know some use it with just tournament mode which is fine... but there are a lot of damn cheaters out there who can get this cheap for the mods. If it wasn't for that this would have been a great buy to stay on budget.
  4. Got the Scuff Vantage and that was a nightmare. Got my money back within a week. Believe Astro is great as well. Have the A50's and it's the best headset i've ever owned. Quality work! I read somewhere that Astro was originally going to make controllers before they went the headset direction. These controllers are a lot of money. If any one is gonna put quality into it, it's definitely them. And thanks for the mac response. When i get back into shooters more often that will def make it worth a heavy consideration.
  5. Almost got this. Only reason i didn't was that i'm playing more single player and mmo's at the moment than shooters. Plus this close to the next gen systems, i'd like to know if it will be compatible to the ps5 when that comes out. Alot of money right now if you're buying a new system in possibly 2 years. But, it does look like a great controller and still may... the big selling point for me is the replaceable nodes. The only part of a controller that has ever broken for me is the left thumbstick nodes where you can't run or it hesitates. And sadly no one has ever fixed one properly either when sent off. Terrible experience with Battle Beaver on that issue. Wasn't even considering another high end controller for that reason. But, with this controller if you're node goes out... they sell replacements. At least for me that is a pretty huge selling point. Pop your node out, pop the new one in. I do have a question for you that i was concerned about as well. I know they have the software but do you know if it's compatible with a MAC computer?
  6. Hope uncle Iain didn't traumatize you and Fraser too much when bobbing you on his knee
  7. As Mr Dog said, good luck with your job . On to Zero. She is a creature of chaos. She is a creature of beauty also. Stay off my girl Tracky. lol
  8. Would love to know as well. But I doubt they did. They further elaborated on those stability fixes later in the patch notes - Stability – Fixed crashes that could occur: When a UAV was active while another player was joining the match. When a player disconnected during a Hellstorm strike. When a Seeker attacked a player in certain situations. When Firebreak’s Reactor Core killed a player that was disconnecting. In Kill Confirmed when collecting the tag of a disconnected player. In Safeguard when the Robot was shut down in certain situations. During the Specialist Draft when another player disconnected Looks like it was fixes for certain situations. Guess I'd feel more comfortable if they added a bullet point that said "Corrected Lag issues; sorry bout our big screw up". Prob won't try it again myself until they fix it so if this does fix it guys... please let us know.
  9. I actually said it in jest to begin with. lol. If there were a lot trying to purposely fudge it for the glory of their k/d, i'd be irritated but don't think that is gonna be a big impact. You're right we have enough americans with crappy connections. All in all, i really don't believe anyone is screwing the experience up but treyarc. The update fudged it for the PS and the exact same update fudged it for the Xbox the following week. When/If they fix it i think it will be buttery smooth for everyone again regardless of where... for the most part. They just need to get it right and then quit adjusting the game every other week.
  10. Big difference amigo. Only partied with friends from across the pond to play with and socialize with friends; never to gain any type of lag comp/high ping advantage. Can play just as well on my own servers; don't need to fudge anything to make myself feel better
  11. so what i'm seeing is that all the UK guys are coming to my NJ server and fudging it up more with your high pings.
  12. Urge


    Hi Streakz, Have you by any chance checked your Nat type? Could be a possible cause of hard to find lobbies.
  13. Congrats Nuno!!! The Gold Knife was my last big hurdle for Dark Matter as well. Was def a major pain in the rear and resulted in a lot of swearing. Think it's harder in this game than Ops 3.
  14. I'll get them both this weekend, but that just makes me want to plug on longer. Assuming they fix it. Will def cut back on time playing to play some other things, but will keep plugging at CoD when friends are on. The game has sucked for a month but still hoping they get it rolling smooth again. Def a fun game when they have it right.
  15. Most likely not. MMO aren't the target audience of the geo. They most likely have a US server and one for Europe.
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