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  1. no its the pc thats having the trouble the ps4 is my little cousin ive only got the pc on Traffic Prioritization
  2. yeah they both get open and the ps4 seems always get priority so ill play it will settles always 1-3 packet loss throughtout the whole game its only on cod i have this problem thats what makes me think its the ports cus there is no lag on any other game just when both the ps4 and the pc is on warzone
  3. ive tried this fraser and i just get constant packet loss mean while the other person on the ps4 get a perfect connection ? not sure what else to do am i right in thinking its a port problem perhaps other than bandwith ?
  4. okay so far so good ive mamaged to get it to be okay. there is one things tho. my cousin is using a ps4 im on pc if we both suing 3074 port at the same time internal port i mean every now an then there is a small amount of lag we tested it its literally when he shoots in game.. is there a way for me to stop his ps4 from using the 3074 port so hes moderate ? tried port forwarding the port to pc but upnp give it to the ps4 anyway ?
  5. just 1 person playing call of duty on ps4 when this was done im on pc and he seems always get priority
  6. all devices on r2 and if someone is downloading while i play cod online its still giving me like 15-30% packet loss like it gives them all the bandwidth and yeah I set traffic priority the way you suggested must just say again geo filter is awesome
  7. im trying to give a pc cod priority over the other so i dont lag at all
  8. hi fraser got the geo filter working and i must say its fantastic worth waiting 1min for the uk only connections. also im having alittle trouble with qos still if there is someone downloading i loose all my speed its like its not taking affect ?
  9. i have sky hub - r2 port 1 i have my pc port 2 im going to a netgear switch into rest of the devices i have 2 other ap's that are set behind the dhcp range with a ps4 coming out the end of that all hardwired the packet loss is marginal but consistent when both are playing cod i thought it might be to do with port mapping because were both using the same internal port. and I noticed call of duty pc on qos is in the uncategorised section is that right. is there a guide to using pc for cod and r2 qos anywhere i have been looking wasn't sure if YouTube was the best place over the forum also im reading from call of duty and its very noticeable at times so i know its genuine packet loss
  10. got a pc and a ps4 im getting constant packet loss whenever the ps4 is on warzone when i am any solutions its not even a case of bandwith as it says neither are using very many so it must be a port thing im guessing ? packet loss is on the pc i have qos and geo filter disabled aswell
  11. echo one

    echo one

  12. Okay Fraser got it working thru the hub still doesn’t work With just the modem but I have it running going to try to configure qos and gel filter tomorrow Thank you for helping me @Netduma Fraser
  13. so i would be able to use dhcp on the r2 alone or would i need to set ip reservations on both the hub and the r2 ? them on both sky and the r2 ?
  14. where would dhcp be controlled using this method ?
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