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  1. Images attached , I have better luck with distance mode .... but having to use polygon mode most of the time as some friends of mine in the north of england show up on connecting to servers on the west coast of america in party chat. So unless I enable that area I cant hear them , I've tried enabling them individually but the server keeps changing they hit so it was just easier to group that area. The last image shows the location best as its a screenshot from before me trying to reset everything today. Possible miss placed servers ? for psn chat as other friends who live not far from them actually show up geo location wise still in england without this issue.
  2. Also having issues with geo filter not working as it once did ... noticed it particulary fifa 21 ps5 where I'm getting odd things like playing ping assisted players outside of my polygon region even though my ping assist is 0 and generally bad connections of say 70 plus ping no matter how small I set polygon region or distance duma doesnt seem to be working with that game on ps5.Black ops and Warzone seem to have less issues although warzone does still put me in higher ping servers than I would like most of the time. At one point in time the geo filter might cause me to wait a very long time to get a game but at least it was then a good connection , now thats less of an issue but I'm not getting the guaranteed low ping connection either.Has the strictness changed in duma os of it following the distance /polygon selection? I'm also london based , it all could be coincidence but something does seem to have changed ( main thing thats changed my end is going from ps4 to ps5).... I'm close to doing a factory reset and trying possibly earlier firmwares if they are available to see if that changes gets me back to when this worked best for me.
  3. Just noticed on this last test firmware , that even though I have wifi turned off in duma os my laptop is showing the r2 is still broadcasting wifi.
  4. Hi Bobby, exactly the same issue I had so I understand you not wanting to put to much force on the cables as I was the same worried about breaking the unit. long story short just keep pushing in till you hear the click you wont break the device.
  5. Coming from using an edgrouter lite then an edgerouter 4 both of which i really liked, I've been really pleased with the r2 so far. The geo filter and adblocker are two options that have made the price of entry definitely worth it just on those options alone for me. Already feel its what I would recommend for a console gamer as a router as its incredibly rare to get a game that lets you see your ping and pick servers based on that. Great price , great product. Regarding wireless I'm not using the netduma's wireless as I have an access point in the middle of my house way better placed for coverage thany any router could possibly provide based on where I have to locate my router.So cant comment on that.
  6. I've had similar issues in the last few days were at first the ping heatmap page stopped loading , then eventually lost access to dumaos page . So twice in three days lost access to dumas os and in both instances it was fixed by power cycling the device to reboot it.
  7. thanks Fraser , wasnt sure if this was a different issue hence the report as its more a case of the flag not sticking ( could be using a 60 minute one for example) after log in log out ... will try on the next firmware
  8. If I log in pause a device on adblock , then log out of dumaos and back in.Those devices are no longer showing as paused.Although in truth being able to remove a device permanently from the list is what I would be using but has previously been reported as bugged.
  9. was just going to ask the same thing trying to remove some devices myself ..... do love the feature mind you
  10. understatement of the year in my case , but yep that was it ! although in truth I dont mind a tight fit at all I just didnt want to apply to much force on a new item incase I might break something.... many thanks for your help Fraser
  11. Hi recieved the R2 today, unfortunately I seem to have been unlucky with the one I have. For starters couldnt connect to the device until I did a hard reset using the button on the device. Having got past that issue every single rj45 port on the device is incredibly lose bar one or two.Literally the cables are falling out of the device , what concerns me is that looks like a manufacturing defect .Has anyone else seen this? as I'm worried that even a replacement might be the same. Attached a vid on this. I'm not being picky here but have various network switches , netgear ap's and a couple of edgerouters and have never before seen this on another device so lose. Beyond that it wouldnt connect to my virginmedia network although I suspect this a hardware issue with the ports as if I put stacks of pressure on the cable pushing it into the port the light would flash on .I tapped the led in question at the end of the vid .Without me pushing the cable in it wouldnt light up .No lights also came on for anything connect on the 1234 ports,but I'm not sure whether thats the case because it hasnt established a connection to the internet. Obviously very dissapointed as what I had seen of dumaOS with geo location etc looked very interesting hence the purchase.But I've got a device at the moment which cant keep cables in and probably due to this is not connecting to the internet.Examining this in comparison to other devices it looks like the depth is to short on the sockets. dumar2.mp4
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