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  1. Es probable que sea más o menos lo mismo para Destiny también. Sí, mantenga los puertos de origen en el valor predeterminado 1-65535 y solo cambie los puertos de destino a los que desee.
    It is likely to be roughly the same for Destiny also. Yes keep the source ports at the default 1-65535 and only change the destination ports to the ones you want.

  2. 29 minutes ago, NetZilla said:

    I already signed up but just with the R1. I tried signing up again for the Nighthawk but it says I already signed up and wouldn't let me. Anything I can do to fix that? 

    R1 sign up hasn't started yet so I'm not sure how you filled out the serial number etc for the NG routers. You would have to use a different email for the Nighthawk router signup.

  3. 16 hours ago, Sable said:

    I’m guessing your UK based, may I ask where you place your geo location and what sort of radius you use? 

    thanks in advance.

    Yes that's right. Until Alex can resolve some of the issues identified with a cloud update I use Spectating Mode (location is placed in London with 1000km radius) and select the London server on the Apex menu. I rarely have an issue with this apart from one slow mo server yesterday.

  4. Hey, welcome to the forum!

    In System Information in the Rapp panel options change the number of retries to 5 and then reboot the router. What firmware version are you on also? I think you'll be much happier with 3.0 as it brings more features that I think you will like and will eliminate these issues and make the router more stable in general. Sign up here so you can get onto it sooner http://www.netgearinnovation.com/dumaos-beta/index.html

  5. Si tiene los puertos incorrectos que pueden obstaculizarlo, los puertos de origen no siempre son los mismos. Para Traffic Prio, use 1-65535 como fuente y luego agregue los puertos que desee. ¿Cuál es el ping promedio que obtiene como lo muestra el Geo-Filter?
    If you have got the ports incorrect that can hinder you, the source ports are not always the same. For Traffic Prio use 1-65535 for source then make your additions for the ports you want. What is the average ping you're getting as shown by the Geo-Filter?

  6. 41 minutes ago, fpsmercs said:

    Since we signed up for the 3.0 beta when are we actually going to use the beta if we get picked is it like a random pick or is everyone going to use the beta

    I'm pretty sure it's first come first served so the quicker you sign up the quicker you'll get to take part. As we're taking signups we'll let people know soon when it will take place.

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