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  1. Are you completely zoomed out on the map? The Geo-Filter is restricting any connection based upon your settings so if they fall outside these then they would be blocked. Does it work if you disable the device on the Geo-Filter page?

  2. That's a really good ping so don't know why you'd be experiencing lag with that, unless it's due to the load on the servers. Remove the PS4 manual rule you did for Traffic Prioritization as it is already covered by DumaOS Classified Games so prioritizing it twice could affect the connection. Try forcing servers slightly further away to see if they play any better. You could also try optimizing your QoS settings by following this guide while doing lots of downloads and changing your Anti-Bufferbloat percentages (using Always) until you find what lowers your ping/keeps it the most stable.


  3. So you've put the R1 WAN IP in the TP DMZ? It could be the Geo-Filter causing a misreading so double check by disabling this, if it goes to open then it's a misreading and you can enable it again and ignore the reading from then on. Do you have an Open NAT in the console network settings?

  4. 11 hours ago, Offen said:

    Hello. I am having a similar issue here, the netduma dashboard doesn't work. it just keeps buffering forever. This even after I reset. I also tried unlplugging the modem and only using the cable to my PC, (cable is my default setup). Phone have the same issue. I tried different browsers with same result. I have the R1 router, but with one of the newer Firmwares from the beta branch, updated last time sometime early this year.

    How did you do the reset? Hold the button in the back of the router down for 30 seconds then release and wait 1-2 minutes before trying to access the interface. Also clear the browser cache/cookies before accessing after the reset. Does it work then?

  5. Well done for figuring it out. That is much better! I've had trouble with VM modem mode and so have others so I would recommend you leave it in router mode. Now to make it essentially act like a modem disable the VM WiFi and also put the R1 WAN IP (found in System Information on the R1) into the DMZ. 

  6. 52 minutes ago, calima20 said:

    I assume its rebooting based upon the message.  I don't lose connection to the game or internet but I do lose connection to the OS and the ability to overview the dashboard.   

    It won't be rebooting then as you would have lost the connection, when it occurs again check if you can access using the LAN IP. Usually if that appears when it isn't rebooting then LAN IP access should be possible.

  7. 57 minutes ago, calima20 said:

    Thanks for the feedback.  Is it common for the router to reboot multiple times throughout the day or  multiple times in an hour?   I don't ever recall this happening on older firmware versions.  I will try accessing the Router / Netduma OS on a WAN device to see if that offers a more stable connection.    Thanks!

    No it shouldn't be rebooting at all - do you know it is rebooting or are you assuming so when you see that message? I have seen that message on a rare occasion happen without a reboot.

  8. Désactivez complètement le WiFi, appliquez, puis redémarrez puis activez, appliquez puis redémarrez à nouveau, continuez-vous à obtenir le problème après cela?
    Disable the WiFi completely, apply, then reboot then enable, apply then reboot again, do you continue to get the issue after that?

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