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  1. 10 hours ago, faulko said:

    Error: The operation is taking longer than expected. Please briefly wait before using this R-App.

    Not even 1 minute after using the factory reset button and setting this crap up again.

    What the devil is going on here?

    Try the suggestion above but also do you have another device (preferably a PC) that you could check on to see if you get the same issue?

  2. Have you had any issues associated with these entries? The log is verbose and primarily for developers so it could show entries that would be perceived as issues but are not. For example the DoS attacks are basically just any connections you make e.g. Facebook, Google etc. I'm not sure if you removed a part of the IP from the ARP attacks but if you looked up the IP it shows I'm sure it will explain what is happening e.g. connections to update services etc.

  3. On 11/11/2019 at 2:41 PM, Swgohlegend said:

    Is there a way to see how many gamers are on each server? I feel there should be some kind of way to figure this out for a gamer perspective 

    No there isn't, the only ones who would be able to tell that/show it are the game developers.

  4. J'aurais pensé que cela irait, mais pourriez-vous les désactiver car c'est la seule raison pour laquelle je vois que cela se produit actuellement.
    I would have thought these would be fine but could you disable them because that is the only reason I could see for it happening at the moment.

  5. Not sure why the MAC address would make a difference there. If you disable the Geo-Filter does it work properly in both those scenarios? You will need to add people to your allow list for party chat and by the sounds of it you may need to do so for NAT as well.

  6. Pourriez-vous me dire quels sont vos paramètres de priorisation s'il vous plaît? Il se peut que vous ayez hiérarchisé les ports principaux qui remplacent alors Anti-Bufferbloat.
    Could you tell me what your prioritization settings are please? It could be that you've prioritized main ports that are then superceding Anti-Bufferbloat.

  7. I'll answer each point:

    1. That is something we're looking into at the moment, seems to be related to CoD. It may show quicker if you manually ping.
    2. Not every connection is the same, some can take longer to ping. If it's already in your list we still need to ping it.
    3. Spectating Mode means you are not blocking at all, that includes anything you've allowed/denied.
    4. How did these connections appear? They definitely had the name you gave them and wasn't just another server in the same location?
    5. Not really sure what I can say about that as I've not experienced that. Could you provide a screenshot and I can tell you whether that is normal or not? What browser are you using?
    6. We haven't optimised for phones at the moment as we have an app in development.

    Does that happen all devices or does it just happen on the console/just that game?

  8. Oui, ça va. À quoi est connecté le XR500? Est-ce un modem ou un routeur? Utilisez-vous VLAN, PPPoE ou DHCP 60/61? Tous les appareils sont-ils connectés au XR500?
    Yes you're fine to do that. What is the XR500 connected to? Is it a modem or router? Are you using VLAN, PPPoE or DHCP 60/61? Are ALL devices connected to the XR500?

  9. If the modem doesn't have any worthwhile logs then it suggests it's probably happily passing on traffic to the router without issue. It's unlikely if it's been fine all this time but is possible. What I would suggest is see if it happens again, if it does then change the DM200 into router mode and put the XR500 in it's DMZ. If it happens again connect to the DM200 WiFi and see if you get a connection, if you do then there is some issue with the XR500. Fingers crossed it's just a blip though.

  10. You wouldn't necessarily see the players as the game uses servers but you should definitely see servers. If you have the Geo-Filter zoomed in then zoom out as it could be mislocated on the map. We are doing testing and will be putting out a cloud update soon that will improve the performance hopefully.

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