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  1. Si vous suivez les guides de paramètres optimaux que j'ai postés, ils vous montreront comment utiliser les fonctionnalités. Pour le filtre géographique, utilisez le rayon au lieu de Ping Assist. Vous pouvez déplacer le rayon / la position pour obtenir différents serveurs.
    If you follow the optimals settings guides I posted they will show you how to use the features. For the Geo-Filter use the radius instead of Ping Assist and you can move the radius/location to get different servers.

  2. Type 2 is an Open NAT so if you couldn't host it was probably because you were blocking people with the Geo-Filter. So your setup now is the Nighthawk modem > R1 correct? No other router/modems connected? Disable UPnP on the Nighthawk, I would also have a look to see if you could switch it to modem or bridge mode. UPnP is ideal to use on the R1 with multiple consoles but it may be harder to get them all open.

  3. 47 minutes ago, faulko said:

    Haven't seen any instructions to factory reset after changing firmware, so that's a no i haven't done that, unless ive misread the instructions.

    Devices well there is a few in the house but its all common stuff, Apple devices, Panasonic TV, PC, 2 x ps4's. Nothing out of the ordinary thou.

    Okay no worries, could you do the same again with downgrading and then upgrading but each time could you do a factory reset once the upgrade has been complete please? It prevents any legacy issues from carrying over.

  4. 55 minutes ago, michaeljfig said:

    Something weird I have only come across 2-3 servers in the US. I see Wash, Southern California and one on East Coast.

    What's the best way to find them? I keep monitoring them but not seeing too many.

    Are you basing this on the server icon? There will be some that appear as a peer that we need to change to a server. This should give you a rough idea of where they are:



  5. 30 ms est un très bon ping. En fonction de votre connexion, vous ne pourrez peut-être pas descendre plus bas que cela. Comme ci-dessus, testez différents pourcentages d'Anti-Bufferbloat, mais essayez également de forcer différents serveurs à l'aide du filtre géographique.
    30 ms is a very good ping. Depending on your connection you may not be able to get lower than that. As above experiment with different Anti-Bufferbloat percentages but also try forcing different servers using the Geo-Filter.

  6. 53 minutes ago, theseus33 said:

    At the moment, upnp is enabled on both the netduma and the nighthawk. The strict NAT is on the ps4 console. Which is hard wired to the netduma. Ive taken the port forwarding out. 

    What NAT Type does it say the console has 2 or 3?

  7. What do you mean by ports are entered on the modem? You don't need to forward ports on it because the DMZ covers that. Are you just using UPnP on the R1 or have you used port forwarding as well? Where is it strict, in the console network settings or on the game itself?

  8. 50 minutes ago, East said:

    What is considered "high" vs "normal" cpu0 and cpu1 usage when all you are doing is web browsing?

    I ask because I can only assume that CPU usage can play a role as to how well your tickrate is. 

    It should be absolutely fine unless its on 100% or hitting that frequently.

  9. 2 hours ago, yanis-paris said:

    No I still have issues with HomeKit when my phone i connect to 5GHz but I got a strong signal (90%) but when I'm connected to 2.4GHz everything works

    If the devices are connected to 2.4GHz then usually the device to control them has to be connected to the same network, does this reasoning make sense for your situation?

  10. 19 minutes ago, theseus33 said:

    i went and picked up a netgear nighthawk ac1900 c7000 modem at bestbuy. after initial set up and plug in, im now at strict NAT. trying to figure out how to forward ports, and or put the netduma in a dmz...and how to do that. its quite the mess for illiterates such as myself. 

    Take the WAN IP from the R1 Device Manager (Original Firmware) or System Information (DumaOS) and put that into the Nighthawk DMZ which is in WAN Settings. Once you've done that if you're still having trouble you can follow this guide: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000076587-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-open-nat

  11. Could you provide a full screenshot of the browser when this happens please? Could you ensure it shows the URL you're using to access it as well please? Also for the screenshot, right click on the page and go to 'Inspect Element', on the window that appears click the 'Console' tab. Just to double check, one day it was fine and then the next you were unable to access it and there weren't any setting changes?

  12. 11 hours ago, michaeljfig said:

    Sorry guys just now getting back, yes it is in game and I read what everyone has been saying but I feel the lag. I know lots of it has to be the game because I'm sure they haven't worked out all the glitches.

    What's the actual ping you're getting from the Geo-Filter? Are you forcing the closest server? Other people have luck forcing slightly further away servers. Depending on where you are there should be a good choice of servers for you to try and see what works best. Of course make sure you're using QoS as well to ensure that the connection from your side is as good as possible.

  13. 8 hours ago, Kostas83 said:

    I have one question about anti Bufferbloat... for example if you set it 70% the rest of 30% goes to priority device?? I am little be confused... 🥴

    then if it’s true why we set also bandwidth priority on the flower bellow??

    Good question, that 30% doesn't go to prioritizing devices. It creates headroom so that it can prevent devices in your home using all your bandwidth which would cause you to lag. It's different to Bandwidth Allocation in that with this feature you can give devices different amounts of bandwidth based on your needs or leave it default as it will share the bandwidth among them equally and still let devices access more should they need it. Traffic Prioritization is what prioritizes devices/games and will ensure their packets are ahead of the network queue meaning very little jitter/spikes can occur.

  14. Bonjour, bienvenue sur le forum! Je peux tout à fait comprendre que cela peut être un peu pénible, surtout si vous n'êtes pas habitué à interagir avec le routeur. Heureusement, nous avons créé des guides de paramètres optimaux pour les différentes fonctionnalités, etc. Non seulement ils vous aideront à vous configurer, mais ils vous aideront également à comprendre le fonctionnement du routeur. Vous pouvez utiliser l'outil Google Translate intégré sur le site pour traduire le guide en français. Faites-nous savoir si vous avez des questions après cela. http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/folders/16000090646
    Hello, welcome to the forum! I can totally appreciate that it can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you're not used to interacting with the router. Fortunately we've created some optimal settings guides for the different features etc. Not only will they help you get set up but they'll also help you to understand how the router works. You can use the built in Google Translate tool on the site to translate the guide into French. Do let us know if you have any questions after that. http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/folders/16000090646

  15. What is the model of the Xfinity modem? You should absolutely do that so the R1 can control all your devices, that would be the optimum setup. Take a look at the manual or interface for your modem but I would recommend in this order either putting it in Modem mode, Bridge Mode or R1 WAN IP in its' DMZ.

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