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  1. 29 minutes ago, robobit said:

    Ok, so it is fixed for now. But yeah, I saw 1 singapore server that is misplaced in newyork

    Glad to hear that! If you see it again could you get the ID and put it into this form so we can correct the location please?


  2. 20 minutes ago, Garrett393 said:

    Sadly it doesn't do that. As said, all the ethernet lights on my router turn off then back on when it comes time to renew. Has happened for the past 14 days now.

    Do you have a CoX modem or modem/router? If it is a modem/router in the XR500 Internet Setup settings switch from dynamic to static and then apply. That may prevent the router dropping internet completely.

  3. 22 minutes ago, dionysus said:

    The latest patch seems to have done the same again! Servers or peers outside filter range got through, reboot required. Spectate mode was not enabled after the reboot this time.

    Are they being allowed through Ping Assist even though you've set your ping low?

  4. Hallo, willkommen im Forum! Schön zu hören, dass Sie den Router kaufen möchten! Ja du kannst es normal mit der fritzbox benutzen. Sie können den exponierten Host / die DMZ mit dem XR500 verwenden, um ein Open NAT auf Ihren Geräten zu erhalten. Das Setup sollte einfach sein!
    Hello, welcome to the forum! Glad to hear you would like to purchase the router! Yes you can use it normally with the fritzbox. You can use the exposed host/DMZ with the XR500 to get an Open NAT on your devices. Setup should be simple!

  5. 6 minutes ago, dionysus said:

    What is or should the geo-filter be set to after a reboot? What is it coded to do!

    It should stay on what you had it set as before the reboot, assuming the setting wasn't just changed before the reboot as may not have had time to apply in that setting.

  6. 14 minutes ago, MikeTHIS said:

    Eh but still - would it assign an IP out of the range of what it’s set? Was completely different. 

    I felt like the power outage half made a factory reset. Was strange. 

    That's more than likely, had reports in the past that outages have caused resets so most likely the reason it happened. Let us know if it happens again outside a power outage.

  7. Vous devez expérimenter avec d'autres pourcentages. L'augmentation de l'utilisation de 70% n'est pas trop mauvaise mais pourrait être meilleure. Expérimentez avec d'autres pourcentages. Je ne m'inquiéterais pas de la perte de paquets car vous y verriez des barres rouges, mais les nouveaux câbles ne feraient pas de mal.
    You need to experiment with some other percentages. The increases from using 70% isn't too bad but could be better. Experiment with other percentages. I wouldn't worry about packet loss as you would see it as red bars on the graph if it was an issue but new cables wouldn't hurt.

  8. On 11/11/2019 at 6:39 PM, bruhns said:

    I dont know if the NAT Type on the console itself is Open, since the PS4 only tells me, that I have a type 2 NAT Type, which include a Moderate and an Open NAT Type.

    It is difficult to say if I have experienced bad gameplay due to the Moderate NAT Type, since its a bit of rollercoaster ride with COD, where some games are good and others are really bad because of the lag compensation. But its just nice to be assured, that the bad gameplays is not because of not having an Open NAT Type.

    It is almost certainly a misreading as your settings and NAT Type on the console are all optimal. That could just be the general variance you'll get with the servers. Force some different servers and see if they perform any better.

  9. There is no way to extend the lease time unfortunately. When they're referring to reserved/static IPs they mean in relation to the devices connected to the router, you can do this regardless of your IP in the XR500 LAN Settings. Set up the reserved IP for the device you do work on first (as it's the one you'll notice if the issue happens on realistically), then when it comes around to the usual time of the lease renewing it should keeps its' connection. If it does the set reserved IPs up for the rest of your devices as well.

  10. I'll let Alex respond to this properly tomorrow as he is working on the cloud. Appreciate the effort you've gone into! I don't think Alex did a cloud update on Friday but he'll be able to confirm. I know some of your screenshots are showing different things but for the mislocated ones could you use the form please? We've tried going off screenshots before and it adds a lot of time just trying to digest all the information and make it usable. I think it would also be best if you could zip up your photos in future as it makes the topic really long and hard to tell where you are when going down the pictures.

  11. On 11/9/2019 at 5:08 AM, BugsAndGlitches- said:

    Tried that many times. I did it with samsung 4k smart tv, another phone, iPad, my phone,  nothing. It keeps spiking every second. Example: Apex legends host tick bounces 20-40-80-100+, client 40-120+ every second. Modern warfare same, host tickrate 60-120+, client tickrate 60-120+ every second. @DMC_81 @Netduma Alex @Netduma Fraser any tips perhaps or reignite my brain lol

    We don't have any tips on this, it's simply to report what the game is doing and we haven't gone further into discovering if there is any way to force it to stay at a certain level. I'm not sure there is personally, though others on the forum would disagree.

  12. On 11/9/2019 at 2:16 PM, Taylorjosh918 said:

    I have also had zero luck with my XR500 from my R1. I live in Montana (Northwest Part of US). I have my geo filter set so I should hit a server in Washington, Utah, and 2 in California. It just wont work. When you live in the west and get on servers in the east the game is not enjoyable. I have not been able to get my geo filter to work since Modern Warfare Remastered. About to just go back to a normal router so I dont have to mess with it. Also I have tried to get support and there is no help. 

    Could you provide us with a screenshot of this happening please? We're still making changes to the cloud so we hope once updated it will resolve a lot of the things people are seeing. Where have you tried to get help from? Your last post here was in 2017, is there somewhere we haven't responded?

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