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  1. 25 minutes ago, Rdot said:

    i could not put up with the issues of the xr500 any longer so i have sent it back and have purchased the xr700 hopefully this will be a lot better. What differences are there compared to xr500 and xr700 obviously more powerful but havent really found much other than better wifi etc, i managed to buy it for same price i got the xr500 so ot was a no brainer

    Hardware, WiFi, 10GB WAN and Plex support off the top of my head.

  2. Lo que sugeriría es que se registre en la versión beta del R1: si puede usarlo, nos proporcionará más herramientas de diagnóstico y mejoras de rendimiento que pueden ayudar.
    What I would suggest is to sign up for the beta of the R1 - if/when you are able to use it then it will provide us more diagnostic tools as well as performance enhancements that may help.

  3. 16 hours ago, Gwarh said:

    Is this some sort of 'Plex'' module one can add to the NewDuma OS?

    I ask as I'm having a hell of a time getting and keeping my Plex Media server running from my Synology NAS to 1) reliably pass through my XR500 router to my Roku Box which I use to control/interact with Plex on my TV. and 2) keep Plex connected as every day I swear it craps out and I can't get the Roku to see the NAS anymore. It feels like 30 minutes of Voodoo magic and shaking a dead chicken over the XR500 till I half of the time get it to work, the other 50% I have to conduct breathing exercises to keep from smashing the damn thing.

    I love the look of the NetDuma OS but I am really starting to feel it just ain't cutting it with the XR500, I have all sorts of issues where my ole Craptastic 2010 Netgear router worked like a charm with Plex and the Nas all the time. 

    Not on the XR500 but that's a good idea, I'll add it to the list - may not be possible. In WAN Settings make sure Disable IGMP Proxying is unticked and SIP ALG is ticked, it may not help but that would be my first thought. Could also try disabling QoS fully from the Anti-Bufferbloat menu.

  4. As above, leave the source ports on their default range. Some people experiment with this but the source ports can change a lot so I recommend to leave that as is and yes do so for all ports mentioned. To make it easier these are the rules I would suggest making so you don't have loads- source ports all default.

    TCP/UDP: 3074, 27000 - 27050
    UDP: 3478,4379-4380

    So just 4 rules to make there.

  5. 33 minutes ago, DARTHXX said:

    Wasn’t there a beta sign up in a sub forum long ago? Now we have to sign up again? Well hope I’ll be able to join now ! Cause at the last time it was said that all from this post would be take into account when beta starts!

    Having a look at your past posts it was the announcement topic for 3.0, it wasn't an official sign up, more of a gauge for who was interested in it. Please do sign up because we need more information than can be posted publicly.

  6. This is actually an issue we've seen recently due to COVID and I have brought it to the attention of the developers. Best advice I could give at this point would be to connect to the BT Hub when you need to access it, sign up for the R1 3.0 beta here https://forum.netduma.com/topic/31440-announcement-dumaos-30-is-here/ and If/when selected test it again and then provide us feedback so we can fix it if necessary.


  7. Testers haven't yet been selected, if you've signed up and haven't a reply don't worry. 

    4 minutes ago, Numo36 said:

    Where is my beta I didn’t get the email


    When will I get the beta?

    When making a major software update like 3.0, it's normal for things to not be perfect at the start. So as much as we would love each and every one of you to get your hands on 3.0 right now, it would be risky for us to do it in one go.

    Instead we will be phasing the roll-out, starting off with a small number of testers. Once things are looking good, we will add some more, then more, gradually increasing until everyone who has signed up has received the upgrade.

    When we are ready for you to join the beta you will get an email into your inbox with instructions on how to join. Please be patient - we will email you when we are ready.


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