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  1. That's how I have done. But it looks so strange are you just supposed to se the servers or do you see all the players to?
  2. It is back to open again today... havent changed anything but how do i setup the geo filter to work properly? i got my pc set to console or?
  3. Why did I have open NAT like two days ago but not now? I have never have to open any ports to get open NAT. Should I change from console to pc again?
  4. What are the best settings for warzone got the XR700 and getting so many laggy servers. The settings I got now is that I have my PC as an gaming console and implemented call of duty settings in GEO filter but yesterday my open NAT become Moderate for no reason... Haven't change anything tho. I am on EU servers living in (Sweden)
  5. i solved the problem! started a hotspot on my ipad and got it online and in the app for Neato i culd change wifi and it connected and stayed there!
  6. Not at this point i can try borrow one tomorrow
  7. The installation process is wery similar to chromecast. The photo is in swedish but The first one says that its connect to wifi second is when ge tried to connect to internet
  8. The unit support 2,4ghz and 5ghz yes it connect a short while but when it cannot find internet The installation ends
  9. Cant connect my Neato D7 to my WiFi and i dont know why. It connects for a while but when app is serching for internet it wont get internetconnection and will cancel the installation.
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