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  1. A link if your still having trouble https://www.wikihow.com/Connect-Two-Routers
  2. oh its fine i downgraded. i'm not on .179 i'm on 123 now.. going to wait until other stable versions come out in the future no biggie.
  3. yes i did that and it worked and issues started showing up. so i said let me see if i can go back to the original launch firmware which i did and it works. It took about 30 days to completely slow down, ".123" so for now i will stay on the launch firmware. all versions of 3.0 on R2 have issues but the launch has least amount until it slows down again and becomes non responsive. Understand?
  4. yes but make sure your old router has internet and you can get online with that first
  5. Same as johnnytran. even after getting .179 up and going it was exhibiting the same issues as locking up slowing down and speed issues so i reverted back to launch firmware. Now I'm back in business for however long it takes for the router to stop loading r apps and slow down completely then i will just factory reset but first save my allow n deny lists with caddy and wait for a stable build sometime in the future.
  6. the single RG45 port on the xr router that is alone by it's self. Don't know the color because i don't own one.
  7. had the same issues so i ended up going back to the launch slow loading firmware unfortunately and im staying on this one because the latest is um?. I'm not sure with these updates if Duma os is improving or going the opposite way. The way i figure it,i have about 30 days give or take until my router starts not responding again then i will have to factory reset everything all over again. I guess this is just they way it is. Not sure what's going on but alot of features are not doing what they are intended to do. almost kicking myself as to why i upgraded as i see people jump from one router to another with OS 3.0 and having similar issues. you live and learn i guess sometimes the hard way lol like as in, through your pockets.
  8. dude back up several steps. first do you have internet with your old gear hooked up that you have shown in this picture above without the XR being hooked up?? in that picture was the old router/gateway even powered on? just asking. you need that to have internet working and online first.
  9. plug the XR's wan into one of the yellow lan ports on your isp's equipment that you have shown, in the picture
  10. how about any other routers? will this work also with or just specific to duma? More or less just for the hyper lane i guess it's called?
  11. was having problems with getting this app to work. Version 1.2 but i figured it out. For Xbox use PORT 3075 not PORT 3074. In the Advanced Network settings xbox is saying it's using port 3074 but the app will not detect servers with 3074. Also strange is that the allow/deny lists can be saved using either port 3074,3075
  12. that's great to hear about the lists, hope you guy's implement that it would be a nice addition to the router. Well the router had a emotional event again it completely shut down my internet. it did not know if it wanted to be happy and stay on or sad and randomly reset my internet this morning late while viewing you-tube sometime after 1:00am. icon on computer for lan still indicated online connection though. random checked sites and could not load pages. on screen the router displayed something to the effect wait while restarting internet maybe lol it was late don't remember. i shut down my computer and went to sleep... anyhow looks good so far though today since getting home from work at 4:30pm.. j
  13. just add 20ms on top of what duma selected server is saying and you will have your in game ping +/- 5ms.. seems normal but i get it you want it to tell you the actual ping while playing in a match. this is the results that i get while playing cod on xbox not sure about pc or play station though maybe it's the same also?
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