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    Cocoon992 reacted to Sable in Defeat MW Lag Compensation!   
    After various testings over the last few weeks I’ve finally found a way to defeat lag compensation on my end, when I was playing on servers in my country (UK) I was always a second behind foreign players due to lag compensation, so I used to always connect to the Spanish server or the Italian server to get myself on the better end of lag compensation, that worked for a while but then when the updates rolled out it began not to work. 
    For about a week now I have had no issues with being insta melted and Hit marker bullet sponging. 
    My solution is simple but please note that just because this works for me that doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for others, but hopefully it will.
    On QoS I leave sliders at 100% and then select Never. Then on the console you will be playing the game on (which is PS4 for me) Give it exactly 3mb Download and 0.5mb Upload (between 0.5 and 0.3mb) and untick share excess, make sure you untick both download and upload. You can check in PS4 Network settings: test connection to see if what you have set has been applied. I don’t bother with port prioritisation and I leave DumaOS games ticked.
    I keep my geo filter on strict with no ping assist and set it to 500km radius around my home country.
    I hope this can help others out because this game can be quite frustrating, MW is very generous with the amount of lag compensation that it gives to higher ping players but by manipulating your connection and making it seem like you have slower speeds it seems to do the trick of eliminating it.
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    Cocoon992 got a reaction from Ste G in Todays Patch   
    I’m getting very angry, first time i want to play after the patch and i can’t find a single game! Did everything you guys mentioned above!!!!!
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    Cocoon992 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Fortnite Battle Royal   
    That would be so great BIG thanks! Hope to hear more from you
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    Cocoon992 got a reaction from sorr23 in WW2 lag, not with IW   
    Just played the beta and i'm experiencing lag issues. My settings were great on IW and BO3 and never had any problems. Now i lag like a madman. Tried to Dissable the geo-filter, and this works waaaay better than enabled how is this possible?
    Still also experiencing bad bullet registration etc

    In IW i play super smooth with my settings how is this possible?
    What do i have to do?
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    Cocoon992 got a reaction from ColonicBoom in Still lag   
    Allright gonna try it tonight
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    Cocoon992 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Still lag   
    Allright gonna try it tonight
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    Cocoon992 got a reaction from fuzzy clam in Couple of questions   
    Allright thank you!
    Still have one question. My family uses digital tv downstairs, i don't know what it is called outside my country or if it even exists, but here it's called a digibox, you can watch movies or pausing your live tv shows, record your programs to watch it back etc,...
    Now this definitely uses bandwith because it make senses, but there isn't a cable in my modem but i do see a cable called "dsl" in my modem:

    Now i don't see anything of this in my device manager of netduma and i also can't find the ip-adress of this thing. I do want to know what i need to do because if it isn't registered by the netduma i'm losing bandwith while gaming...

    Here the cable goes in from my modem (dsl entrance)

    Then i got this below my tv it's called a wifi bridge sounds chinese to me:

    And this is the device called digibox:

    I don't know if anybody can help me here but this all is chinese for me 

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