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  1. I did exactly what you have advised and it’s working now thank you 🙏 👍😀
  2. Thanks Fraser as always 😀 I added another photo below.
  3. Yes I already had DumaOs3.0. My pc isn’t working so I’m unable to add the device using interface on a pc. Would it be wise to rest router.
  4. Hi Fraser, yes I did the wait 2 minutes after flushing the cloud, I will try from pc this time and get back to you later today. I even tried to upload the Dumaos 3.0 no change. ☹️
  5. Hi Liam, Im using the XR500 device. And yes I’ve tried several times by closing the app still nothing ☹️ I will try again but from pc as Fraser advised.
  6. Hi team, My geo filter stopped populating severs. So the other day I followed the steps below accordingly. Geo filter stopped populating servers Please follow these steps and see if that resolves it: 1. Hard turn off the console - hold the power button until it turns off (it should beep twice) 2. Remove the device from the Geo-Filter 3. Flush the cloud from the Geo-Filter Map options 4. Re-add the device to the Geo-Filter 5. Make any Geo-Filter changes you need to 6. Boot up the console and game Tried to re-add the PS device via the DumaOS ALPHA version- and this happened “unable to add device bcoz some devices are overlapping” ? I don’t have any other devices added. I’ve attached 2 photos below. Please assist team
  7. Hi Fraser, Thank you, I managed to upload the beta file - so far everything is working fine -except for the geo filter is grayed out can’t use feature. any reason why? I Didn’t have this problem prior. See screen shot below.
  8. Hi Fraser, How can I get access to the beta 3.0 for XR500/ I signed up few months back in June 2020. Cheers!
  9. Correct Fraser, i wanna see if my online gaming experience differs from open to moderate nat type. I will go thru the wan settings etc thanks as always! Cheers
  10. Hi team, I’m trying to change my nat type to moderate, I’ve untick UPNP rebooted - still my nattype is always open any suggestions please? Never had this problem before until now. Cheers
  11. I’m still waiting for the Beta invite since June 2020 😭☹️
  12. Hi Fraser, thanks for the quick reply, I will try that thanks mate. For reference, I don’t use auto ping the ping assist is set at 30 Radius is generally ranges from 1500 to 2000+ Thanks
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