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  1. Thank you Fraser for clearing things up. Have a great day.
  2. Hi Fuzy, Much appreciated- I too have fibre but im confused as to why my ping upload as gone up recently now I can’t get it back down. My result in the past have been consistent 3.50ms during day and evening- settings haven’t changed. Even turned off qos results same. Thanks mate 😞
  3. Hi Liam, Tried that still no change unfortunately. William
  4. Hi Liam, Please see the below screen shots.
  5. Hello team, Quick question, my ping upload has been sitting round 3.50 - consistently. Any reason why the ping upload is now changed to 9.58 if not slightly higher, its been like that 5days straight. Any suggestion why. below is a screen shot thank you William
  6. Hi Fraser, Phew I can now stop worrying lol, sorry As you can imagine I was like OMG what’s going on. thank you Fraser👍 I might later today try setting the Nat to secured an see how I get on first. If no change I’ll try Zippy’s suggestion as well fingers crossed. As always appreciate your support Fraser 👍 @ Zippy thank you too for your guidance mate 🙏 Will
  7. @Zippy, question if I was to change the nat filter to secured would that eliminate this DoS attacks your thoughts?
  8. Hi Zippy, I had a feeling this isn’t normal let’s see what Fraser has to say. thanks mate
  9. Hi Fraser, I have just seen this post from Zippy about DoS attacks. Can you take a look at the screen shot below please. Is this normal? regards
  10. Loving the beta version thanks Fraser 👍 Haven’t encountered any issues so far so good 3rd day. So I played cod ghost last night i couldn’t believe it no lag hit detection was on par/ honestly the connection was flawless this isn’t normal lol 😂 on average my kill ratio is between 25-30+ but last night hit 46 etc. thanks team
  11. I did exactly what you have advised and it’s working now thank you 🙏 👍😀
  12. Thanks Fraser as always 😀 I added another photo below.
  13. Yes I already had DumaOs3.0. My pc isn’t working so I’m unable to add the device using interface on a pc. Would it be wise to rest router.
  14. Hi Fraser, yes I did the wait 2 minutes after flushing the cloud, I will try from pc this time and get back to you later today. I even tried to upload the Dumaos 3.0 no change. ☹️
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