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  1. At the present time duma os 3.0 is unusable 2 days ago the connection of all people with beta 3.0 on the xr500 we lost the internet with difficulty accessing the interface for downgraded tftp a was the only solution for some I let you imagine And all this without downloading anything !!! How do you explain that? I just find it a shame to have waited over a year and see that as a result !! I do not blame netduma but do not recommend a beta which may make your router unusable afterwards;)
  2. Impressionnant oui open wrt n'est pas si simple a gérer si on va au fond des choses le problème c'est qu'avec la fibre ftth 1gb openwrt avec qos active ne peut pas gérer c'est vitesse sqm et bridé mais je te rejoins la qos et surtout les algorithmes utilisé par openwrt sont beaucoup plus performant que la qos duma os malheureusement 😕 par contre l'ancienne qos sur le netduma r1 avec réactive et preemptive valait le coup ... je ne sais pas pourquoi ils ont abandonné ces algorithmes.. 😕
  3. I also thank the netduma team for boost and for the work done on this beta;) (even if it was really long ^^)
  4. hello all depends on your needs me i need to connect my ps4 and my pc in ethernet but since my xr500 is far from my room i need a switch Fraser is right about the double qos it's never good After I noticed that with the sx10 you have to leave activated port scan and back protection in the xr500 on the r2 I can't help you I don't have it, after on the s8000 I didn't have any problem but it will not change much in terms of hit detection in mw unfortunately: /
  5. Hi The sx10 is crap i bought the sx10 and i had the s8000 which work 100 times better than the sx10 for sx10 disabled igmp snooping it helped me and p4 medium for all ports .. of sx10
  6. La meilleure solution modem->(Dmz) erx->(Dmz) Xr300-> Ps4 tout t'es appareils devront être connecté au xr300 de cette façon tu pourras avoir la Qos du erx sur ton réseau et bénéficier du geofiltre sur ta ps4 mais comme dit plus haut ne met pas le xr300 en mode ap car il deviendrait obsolète (wifi rien d'autre)
  7. Salut utiliser une seule qos est le plus conseillé si tu veut vraiment utiliser la qos du erx desactive la qos du côté du xr300 .. L' erx doit être placé avant le xr300 si tu veux utiliser le geofiltre sans contrainte...
  8. hi fraser i still don't have beta 3.0 for the xr500 i signed up on may 26 it's starting to take a long time ....
  9. C'est juste que l'algorithme qos utilisé dans duma os est très mauvais ... sur le r1 ils étaient beaucoup plus performant...
  10. Hi fraser I still haven't received anything at the time of today when I signed up in the first 15 minutes of netgear's live on youtube so hey they had to skip my name ...
  11. okay I would be delighted to give you feedback and I will try to give you feedback also on the problems of qos with orange france dhcp I signed up for the xr500 beta hoping to be in the second wave of testers ^^
  12. hi frazer yes i have open game ports , i use manual port forwarding to be on car upnp i have the display bug But when I test with port scans and I used 3 different all ports mentioned in the router are closed it's weird
  13. hi i'm in france and i have the same problem as soon as i do a port scan the port is closed on 3074 and many others .. (i use portforward)
  14. Merci pour l'info fuzy c'est vraiment du foutage de gueule comme même personne pour nous tenir au courant...
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