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  1. Hi In 3 years nothing has been improved on the qos of the xr500;) you have added a lot of buggy gadjet in the beta 3.0 versions but on the qos which is the base of a router nothing has been improved ...
  2. Salut par rapport à la box (modem) oui il faut mettre le r2 dans la dmz de la box à moins d'avoir une fonction bypass sur la box de ton fai même si ça devient rare pour les fai en métropole Tu seras obligé de mettre l'un ou l'autre pour avoir une nat ouvert et évité le double nat "même si indirectement le double nat sera toujours présent ^^ " mais ça ne devrait pas poser de problème
  3. Non, tu peux utiliser ton pc comme pont mais si tu n'a pas de carte WiFi dans ton pc les ondes ne vont pas apparaître par enchantement ..:/ Comme la dit fuzy ta seule solution est le cable ethernet
  4. The problem I think is not on the netduma side but on the netgear side I think that the association with netgear was a big error the xr500, xr700 and apparently even xr1000 have a lot of bugs since their releases and in 3 years they are still bugged ... From a corporate business point of view it was a good marketing move to make this even more known but in return the reputation took a hit ... After fraser has always tried to help as many people as possible with the means he has, he is not a firmware developer to my knowledge so unfortunately he cannot do more than what he is told. I am also enormously disappointed with the xr500 compared to the bug and the qos which does not work but when I see the results with the r2 I tell myself that the problem really comes from the xr !! Anyway I think fraser is not the one to blame in this whole thing
  5. Et sûrement des problèmes de décodeur ^^ après oui ça sera plus clean du point de vue dhcp mais je ne pense pas que ça changera grand chose
  6. Hola vivo en francia y es exactamente lo mismo creo que el problema es sbmm. al juego no le importan las diferencia de ping fuertemente bf 2042
  7. after to be frank with you if you can connect via your modem without using the vlan or pppoe go for the r2 you will have less good equipment in terms of wifi or processor but you will have updates more quickly and the bone will be much clearer in terms of qos or other .. the netgear models do not mix well between the bugs is the double os (netgear + duma os parameters do not make a good mix) "this is my opinion on my experience for 3 years with the xr500 " And for the advantages in the lobby if we talk about call of duty the netcode is so bad in this game between the sbmm and the very wobbly servers the good connection feelings will be quite random the big force of netduma is" the geofilter "it could help you
  8. it seems to me pppoe and vlan, personally it was with dhcpv4 orange france the upload part of the qos did not work. I admit that I did not take the time to retry the experience on the beta I just wanted to warn that there could be a problem on this side.
  9. with the xr500 the qos does not work with pppoe on the other xr i don't know
  10. Oui je pense aussi mais j'avais des doutes ^^
  11. Ok so no matter what category we give to the pc in the device manager, the xr500 will be that my pc is indeed a pc thanks
  12. Bah par rapport à ça tu a raison et je le savais lol je crois je m'explique mal . Enfaîte je voulais savoir sur mon pc si on modifie la catégorie dans le gestionnaire de périphériques en game console au lieu de pc est ce que le le traffic prio continue d'utiliser dpi En gros savoir si le faite de modifier la catégorie du pc le xr500 continue de savoir que mon pc est bien un pc .
  13. Bon je crois que la traduction pose problème ^^ dans le gestionnaire de périphériques si je met mon pc en game console a la place de pc, le traffic prio passera par dpi ou les ports ? Well I think the translation is a problem ^^ in the device manager if I put my pc in game console instead of pc, the priority traffic will go through dpi or ports?
  14. Mdrr l'homme qui a besoin d'aide alors qu'il avait soit-disant trouvé la recette miracle et qui disait démerdé vous , audacieux comme même !!
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