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crazy spikes with r1

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Here are 2 test I ran with the r1 today and it seems my line is cleaner with just the modem its self. my settings on the R1 are I let it set its self up with 70/70 sliders and no matter what I do it doesn't  change from what it looks like below my speeds are 100 down and 10 up but I rarely ever get that from them so I have it set at 60 down and 5 up which is closer to what i actually get.

12-18 netduma r1 test.png

Screenshot (243).png

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4 hours ago, scbba said:

 wired connection with cat 7 and I am currently on the original fw for the r1 I wasnt getting dedis on the duma os so I downgraded 

What you might find scbba is that your Ethernet cable is the cause. I'm not trying to palm off the blame, I'm saying in my experience it's extremely rare for the router itself to be the cause of line quality issues like spikes / jitter. Ethernet cables are a far more likely cause, so try switching out your cables before your next test!

As for not being able to connect to dedicated servers on DumaOS, that issue is long gone. We're still optimising the cloud but the Geo-Filter works great with DumaOS now :)

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