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Netduma R1 speed fluctuations

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I am using Duma Os.

I have download 70mbs , upload 20mbs.

Its fluctuates when using net duma r1 duma os,   upload drops to 400kbs or lower, and I get kicked from lobby. How to fix speed issues with Duma Os   on R1 ??

Without netduma, I have no fluctuations.  Full speed ... 

Please advise.

Any recommended  settings ?  Or full setup ? 


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6 hours ago, BIG__DOG said:


I see you are in the UK. Who is your isp and how do you have your R1 connected to your modem or modem/router? Also how are you performing speedtests, wired or wireless?

5 hours ago, Netduma Admin said:

Worth also going through this guide just to make sure you have everything setup correctly: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000076586-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-speeds


My router setup modem etc etc is all fine as advised by Netduma techs. Please read below reason of Topic I created...

Regardless of setup :

speed fluctuations happen only while Netduma R1 router is running   DUMA OS !   When its running Net duma firmware  everything is fine.

I actually  had 1000 upload/1000 download somehow  as bandwidth set. I adjusted it back to   70/20 .  Hopefully it will fix ? 

Thanks for link to guide, I shall go through guide n settings tomorrow. 

But  Cod bo4  is working perfect, 30ms lobbies, UK servers.    And it takes about few seconds to find a match.

Thanks again !

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