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  1. Hi Netduma R1 router is out of stock mostly everywhere. Is there new router coming ? Or we will just need to buy Netgear Duma powered routers in future ? Thanks
  2. S13

    Increase ping

    Yes, UK. I set home location to Czech republic with 600km radius , strict mode , ping assist 0. Usually I get into noob lobbies why ? People in Czech & neighbouring poor eu countries aren't getting so many benefits as in UK, Germany & France to sit home & game all day & get good..... ! If I use Vpn , I disable geo filter completely . Thanks Fraser, yes 10 mbps is more than enough. Tried few games while connected to Miami, Florida , USA , ping was 110-140ms with 0% packet loss. Totally different gaming community there & totally different experience. *** keeping Torguard. There is 50% life time discount code, $30/year
  3. S13

    Increase ping

    Thats response I got from Torguard when I questioned about best config for vpn speed over netduma R1 router....
  4. S13

    VPN recommendations?

    I have torguard but speeds over vpn are absolutely rubbish. I have 350mbps download, I am in UK, on connecting to US server ( any server in US) I get download speed of only 3mbps. Now that's big difference. I am going to cancel n get another. Same question , any ideas ? Anyone use any vpn for gaming ?
  5. S13

    Increase ping

    I do not recommend Torguard. Its extremely slow speed. I am going to cancel my subscription n find another
  6. S13

    Increase ping

    Fair game ? Ur gonna be a laggy fuc....r , killing everyone & taking no damage at all. Kids r going to scream hacku hacku ** Vpn speeds are extremely slower, if u got 350 download, u will hardly get 10mb download with vpn. So yes, do homework first before u come complaining ( quoting Torguard vpn ..... u may get better speeds with different vpn : i.e "homework" ) * I absolutely like Vpn feature of Netduma r1, no need to buy another router for VPN. Great router
  7. S13

    Increase ping

    By putting home location to distant countries e.g UK player setting home location to Australia with 0 ping assist, Strict mode , WILL NEVER FIND A GAME. it will give this error " The lobby is not join able " If you really want to try high ping, sign up for a vpn trial to test things. E.g I have Torguard Vpn. I connect to Australian server via vpn configured in netduma vpn.... also set home location to Australia. Already ping is high due to Vpn connection between Uk & Australia. If you do not use vpn, 99.9% u will get error The lobby is not joinable. Try yourself
  8. Update. Reverted back to original Netduma firmware. Issues gone. now I have question. Which Cod profile is best ? What ping assist is appropriate for Cod Bo4 ? Another question, If I am in UK, I set home location to Czech republic, what Ping assist value should I choose to get into lobby in that region ? French servers are full of competitive players got my ass kicked very hard. Thanks
  9. It doesnr work. Will I get same issue on Orginal firmware ? I am done with Duma Os, I am afraid. Wasted alot of time trying n resetting stuff. All in vain
  10. Hello Everything works fine when Ps4 pro is connected directly to Main router . Netduma disconnected, everything works fine. No issues. Please advise. I shall try reset. Thanks
  11. Another question, what will happen if I factory reset Netduma Router ? Will it retain Duma Os or will it revert back to Original firmware ? Thanks
  12. Qos is already disabled. I recently upgraded broadband & I have download speeds of 350mbps/20mbps upload respectively. The only device connected to Netduma is Ps4 pro.
  13. No, It gives Nat error. "Even spectating mode" doesn't allow party chat , when he is out of my radius. We can join party but can not talk. Nat error. He has got nat type 2 , I have got nat type 2. Is it possible that there is bug in firmware?
  14. Nothing blocked , just Irish authentication server pops up n disappears... We both have Nat Type-2 Also setting to Spectating mode, Auto Ping host disabled, strict mode off, Current Radius 700 = same issue. Cant invite Irish friend or join him. It only allows when Radius is Set to 2000km to cover most of map around me. Please advise