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  1. Hi Escape from Tarkov has servers list ! so if you choose EU servers as many as you want, e.g london Falkenstein not sure spell.... Warsaw Helsinki It is not going to connect you to any other server except those you chose. so there is literally no need to use Netduma geo filter.
  2. Hi Does anyone know if Netduma geo filtering works for Escape From Tarkov (PC) ? anyone tested ? thanks
  3. Hi If I use VPN to connect to Baltic Countries e.g Lithuiania, Estonia.... and set geo filter to 700km around Lithuania, I am getting Nat Type Strict. is it possible to have Open Nat Type when using VPN ? or can I force connection to particular region without using VPN ? thanks
  4. If I disable Upnp, will I get Open Nat , as I created rule in Port Forwarding for Ps4 with port 3074 ? Thanks
  5. HI on Port forwarding I got only 1 input that is set to 3074 . how to delete one thats showing 9308 as its not added as Rule in Port Forwarding ?! thanks
  6. Simple ! Go to Geo filter, Untick Auto Ping Host. -make ps4 party chat -invite friends -do not start the game ! -on Geo Filter choose Spectating mode. -now u see icons, they are your friends outside Geo Filter who you get Nat Type Error with ! - click on each and give them name and Allow . -done, switch back to Filtering mode. Geo filter blocks your outside range friends thats what is giving Nat Type Error and you can not Talk in party chat.
  7. U were right. Netgear xr300 built in vpn feature is no good ! Returning it n keeping my Netduma R1 router. Hope Duma Os release Hybrid Vpn for xr300
  8. Thanks. I read in reviews Netgear Xr300 has vpn feature built in. That will do that job. In that case Hybrid vpn is not necessary if Netgear have their own VPN feature
  9. Hi Is Hybrid VPN available on XR300 ? Thanks
  10. S13


    Thanks , I will try that.
  11. S13


    I blocked this Dedicated server/ Denied but it still connects me to that server ? any advice ? thanks
  12. S13


    And in this screenshot which one is Server am I connected to ? Sorry for such questions.
  13. S13


    Hi What will happen if I DENY Dedicated Server ? Will it stop connecting me to those Dedicated Servers ? I guess few of European Dedicated Servers are being used to accommodate 3rd world country players.
  14. S13


    Thanks will do
  15. S13


    Yes, all Middleast, Arabic countries, India , they got no Division 1 servers. They are put into EU Servers from day 1. Somehow Lag compensation works in their favour , and we EU players end up getting burst damage suddenly.
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