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port forwarding

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i have been looking at some video on Youtube and would like help with this port forwarding. i have see that it improves connections for some games and would like to use this for fortnite because the lag is ridiculous. can someone help me with the portfort. i have seen some videos but would need help setting it up to see if it could help me. 

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Hi Agustin - this is a common misconception. Port Forwarding does NOT improve gameplay, and will not improve your ping. Let me explain what it does :)

Port Forwarding just opens the ports needed to get an open NAT in the game you're playing. Having an open NAT means you can connect to everyone who plays that game, and every server the game offers. With a strict NAT you would have difficulties joining a game, and might not be able to join at all. NAT doesn't affect ping / latency in any way.

If you have UPnP enabled, this will automatically forward the ports you need. This means you don't need to do any port forwarding to get an open NAT, so I'd highly recommend just ticking UPnP.

I hope this helps!

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My results are better with manuel port forwarding...ping is 30-40 and with only updnp ping is straight 50.

and my biiig question is why their is only port !!! 9308 udp !!! and 3074 udp (last is ok)

why 9308? There is no List on the internet mentioned this one. 

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