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  1. i have an open nat type for my xbox. but this uPnP where would i find this in the setting? under what?
  2. i have seen some videos and would like some help with this port forwarding to see if it can reduce lag and ping in my fortnite game plays any help i have some knowledge on what to do but when i go to the port forwarding i would like some help on what to type in the areas that would need to be filled out??? if that makes sense thank you.
  3. i have been looking at some video on Youtube and would like help with this port forwarding. i have see that it improves connections for some games and would like to use this for fortnite because the lag is ridiculous. can someone help me with the portfort. i have seen some videos but would need help setting it up to see if it could help me.
  4. when i go to setting on my net duma i see something there that does say WAN IP do i have to put anything in there?
  5. the modem its self does not have a dmz because it only receives internet and give to a router. is what i was told by ariss right now. there is not dmz ip or code for the modem
  6. the the modem that i have it is only a modem and there is no dmz on the modem?
  7. would i have to open up my arriss for that? or would the dmz code be on the side or back of the modem??
  8. would i have to type in the code that the ariss gives me in the netduma settings? where it shows the wan ip and the dmz i think? and would a regular cat 5 or 7 work or does it have to have an e behind the 5 or 7
  9. the net dumas ip adress in not in the arriss dmz how would i set that up and i do not have a cat 5 or above ethenet cord but i can go and buy one.
  10. i do have other wfi devices hooked up to the modem im guessing PPPoE would let me do that correct?
  11. i am using a modem router combo. i am using an arriss surfboard sb8200 with my net duma and i dont know what pppoe is
  12. i have turned on turbo mode and super turbo mode for the speed i have updated the bandwidth, i have set it to reactive, i have enabled the deep packet processing, i have turned off ipv6 and have rebooted the modem 3 times. it has not changed
  13. i have tried the wired connection already and it also is giving me 85 download speed
  14. my netduma is having problems with my download speed. i upgraded my package to 1000 download and 25 upload but the down load speed on my net duma only goes up to 85? i have been thru the netduma guide and have done everything required but it is still not going up??? i need some help please.
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