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What is Broadcom?

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So hey guys i need a little bit of help with this situation..


So i have xfinity for my ISP and my speeds are 976mbps down and 45 up and im NOT sure what EXACTLY the R1 Maxx speeds are but i know its NOT really Compatible with those speeds...


So my Question is since when i plug it wit the modem/router. Do i keep it in super turbo mode with 100% slide bars SINCE IT WOULD BE CAPPING the BANDWIDTH already i wouldnt wanna THROTTLE it even more right cuz it would cause any interferes? Or would it be okay if i still throtle the slide bars by taking Super turbo Off?


Another IMPORTANT thing about my ISP Modem/Router im looking to buy my OWN Modem "WITHOUT INTEL PUMA 6 CHIPSET" FOR NO LAGG SPIKES and i currently have this NEW MODEM that Xfinity provided me with for 1 gigabit speeds and im Not SURE WHAT IS BROADCOM? is that suppose to be better than intel puma 6 or worst? Or is there any Modem that U WOULD RECOMMEND ME for this Case?


Heres a LINK of the REVIEW for the CURRENT MODEM I OWN from Xfinity please HELP ME



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Broadcom are a manufacturer of chipset's including modems and other solutions, the green areas are Broadcom solutions.




From the exchanges to the cabinets and then your modem also if you buy or are given a Broadcom device, not every cabinet is Broadcom but a large percent are here in the UK so we like to match chipsets for stability reasons.


Broacom make very good chipsets.

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And for some how my PING STILL manages to HOP from 10ms to like 35ms any idea why is that? I know that my base ping in general is 0ms to 10ms stable i(dle)


What would be a GOOD THROTTLE for the Sliders on my kinda Speeds? If u read my 1st mesaage ull know

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Like you say this is a Broadcom chipset not an Intel puma in the ISP modem you have now


If you do not need a geo filter or if you do not want to prioritise your consoles packets over say another user on your network.


Or if you live alone only using a console on with nothing else online and do not need a geo filter then no.


If you need any of the above then yes.

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