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    Download Packet Loss

    Well I have the default apps pinned and I use Chrome on my Samsung Tablet which as well sometimes the Samsung default internet for the tablet when it directs me to it only when i click certain links I believe and sometimes I use the Ps4 default internet which is explorer I believe just to check the conditions of the router and such I also had the Tablet on Static iP idk why but I disabled it already so I only have my Ps4 on Static with Manual Open Ports
  2. ViciousSavag3

    Download Packet Loss

    Yeah I think ur right Jack I believe i found my problem and that was my smart TV causing the issue i went ahead and fixed it thank you guys for the solutions also one more thing every time I open up my Dashboard I'm always getting this "Error Uncaught Reference start cycle is not defined " whatever that means idk if that's bad?
  3. ViciousSavag3

    Download Packet Loss

    I also have manually open ports idk if that affects the packets with Upnp Disabled
  4. ViciousSavag3

    Download Packet Loss

    On the Backround like over 2k and on High Priority only 1?
  5. ViciousSavag3

    Download Packet Loss

    Not really just seems like I have to reset the router every single day before I play ...if not could be servers for Blackout Bo4 because sometimes I've be dropping frames and feels very laggy..but other than that seems fine.
  6. So guys I keep seeing on my router that It keeps sending out unprioritized Packets for download how can I fix this? And apparently I'm starting to see on the Upload also? Please Help Ps. I have the XR500 Duma wired Ethernet to ps4 Download speeds are 120 and Upload 125 mbps
  7. ViciousSavag3

    Honest Opinion/Answer? please

    so guys i have the R1 Netduma with Xfinity Gigabit plan. Lately my router will NOT give me over 100mbps even with QOS Disabled? So what does that mean? is the Router goin Badd/Faulty or should i just get another router? knowing the XR500/700 will do better for speeds? but what exactly does it mean on the R1 when is not gving me enough bandwidth? and also i know it sacrifices bandwidth for ping but still like i said it doesnt even give me close to 80mbps? is it goin badd?( R1) please honest answer/opinion? been having this router since 2015(maybe old?)
  8. so guys im thinking about buying a Gigabit switch would it do any better on Router for Performance? or would it just help on the Ports Wise? (R1 DumaOs)
  9. on "Traffic Priorization" do i leave that as Default for CallofDuty ps4? or do i have to put in manually Ports wich would be? 3074/ UDP?
  10. So guys if i choose this Feature on QOS DumaOS (When High Priority Traffic Detected) do i still have to slide bars to 70% ? How does this exactly work?
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    sounds good buddy thank you for the 411
  12. ViciousSavag3


    so Since this is still in BETA process when will the Full release launch? will you guys put ping assist will beta soon also or till full release?
  13. ViciousSavag3


    well actually im not really worry about the speeds i rather sacrifice the speeds for QOS and PING ALL DAY lol anyways well i see that this DumaOS does basically Almost everything Automatically for you right after putting the right settings you want on it kinda awsome now. Well thats all i needed to know and make sure well have Ping Assist soon because ive been connecting to Randoms around World and i Dont Approve hehe thank you guys keep up the awsome work