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PS4 "LAN cable Disconnected"

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I am online with my PC and my PS4 at the same time.  And I experience no loss of connectivity on my pc.



It should be very simple to work out the where the problem is then...


Unplug the ethernet from the back of the PS4 and unplug the other ethernet from the back of the PC, and swap them over so they are plugged into the opposite device.

But DO NOT touch the other ends of the ethernet cables, they need to remain in their current ports on the Netduma.


Now, if the PC loses connectivity then you know 100% it is a problem with either the ethernet cable or the port on the Netduma (try a different port, then a different cable to work out which).

If the PS4 loses connectivity then you know 100% it is a problem with the PS4 (look for your warranty/receipt).

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