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  1. Alright, it turns out they have NOT replaced my console yet. This time they are going to replace it 100%... Hopefully, this finally fixes the issue.
  2. So... I'm Back. I have returned my Playstation to Playstation twice now. Both times it has have been returned with the problem persisting. I am pretty sure this most recent time they actually replaced the console because I was required to reinstate this new device as my main PS4. Monday I am going to call PS and make sure they did replace the whole console- while they were working on it they called me confused because they could not recreate the problem. Let us assume they have replaced my console and that cannot possibly be the issue. What could be the problem? I am going to replace the netduma with my old router for the weekend and see if this changes anything. The one thing I know for sure with this issue is that it did not start happening until I got my Netduma + PS4 Pro Holiday 2016....
  3. The problem still occurs despite the change. I am going to switch back to the old router for some time to confirm a few things.
  4. It NEVER occurs immediately - usually takes about 5-15 mins to start. MTU test yielded 1500 as optimal MTU - I am going to switch PS4 to that and try it out for the night.
  5. yes. It gets hot in the back. But not just at the network cable port - the entire back of the console gets pretty hot. I think that's where the fans are blowing out.
  6. I tried a different port tonight and the LAN DC happened still. Going to try MTU settings next.
  7. I'll try a different port tonight. I've tested different ethernet cords and a different router. Changing cords makes no difference and changing back to my old router fixes the problem.
  8. I am reading a thread on here http://forum.netduma.com/topic/1411-a-lan-cable-has-been-disconnected-ps4/ This guy appears to have nearly the same problem as me... was his issue ever fixed by you guys? IF so - I would appreciate similar service.
  9. That would make a lot of sense... I don't think these problems started until I switched to the PRO. Still, dosent explain why my old router works fine WITH the PRO...
  10. The issue is happening again tonight. And after the initial 30 min debacle...it had several LAN DC's a few hours into the session.
  11. SO running that fragment test from my PC will give me the correct MTU for the Ps4? Are you saying that I probably just have to live with this problem? I don't know how I feel about that... This problem did not exist for me until the netduma - and despite your assurances, going back to my old router fixes the problem. I prefer having occasional lag to having 30mins of LAN DC's every single time I try to play using the netduma...
  12. Tonight it is happening again...pretty unbearable. Any fixes or Anything?
  13. I disabled those settings. Yep. Forgot to add that I did try the wifi for an extended period and no issues. What should I set MTU to? Just FYI: This problem started when I got the duma in Jan. Did not happen with my old router. And when I switch back to my old router it stops happening.
  14. No. The PC is plugged up to the same duma. I can have it give the LAN DC on the PS4, while also using the PC, and the PC will be fine.
  15. Whenever I start up my PS4 to play games after work it goes like this. 15 mins of uninterrupted play - "LAN cable not connected." - "ERROR, You have been disconnected from the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Servers." - "Cannot connect to server, so network features for this game application unavailable. " This happens over and over again - sometimes for up to 30 mins. Sometimes it stops for a few mins then starts again. Sometimes it is very very rapid for 5-10 secs- so much so that the messages get stacked up. If I manage to get over the 30 min Hump then it basically stops this and has no problems...until the next time I turn it on again. Happens for Black Ops and Infinite warfare. Don't have any other PS4 games. I play ALOT on PC (also hooked up the duma) and that has no problems - ever. Here is the stuff I have tried over the past few months: - Switched back to my old router for a week. Works fine - but have terrible lag. Don't want terrible lag - Tried duma Wifi for an extended period - no Issues. - Dusted out duma and PS4 ports -Changed out E cables (CAT 6 and CAT 5e) -Unplugged E cable from the back of PS4 during LAN DC repeating issue. This sometimes makes this issue stop for awhile or completely. -When I get the LAN DC when I am in a part it gives me a "You left the previous party due to a network error. (NW-31229-7)" Settings: -PS4 Pro network settings all set to default. -Happens with and without Geofilter Enabled -PS4 is set to hyper traffic -UPnP enabled -R1 debug version 1.03.6h running . Misc. Settings Checked: Enable deep packet processing. Allow auto feedback(no personal data ever) to help improve the R1. Allow remote access to Netduma tech support. Enable upnp forwarding. Enable multicast snooping. Enable link-local IPv6. help plz.
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