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Couple questions

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1 if I have 55 download and 28 upload and 12ms ping. Should something change in the house and those are my bandwidth settings what would happen.


2. At what point does download and upload speeds help or hurt you?


3. I'm having my own dedicated line ran from the street to my house and I will have my own modem. Will that help me?


How is jitter corrected?


Thanks for your help!!!!!!

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  • Netduma Staff

  • Not sure I understand what you mean?
  • If you're referring to gaming, then you only need a tiny bit to game and anything more than that is just 'extra' which shouldn't affect anything.
  • As long as the ping is low and there is no packet loss then yes.
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1 If those are your settings in the set bandwidth section and say you had a modem reboot and you synced a little lower and you had not changed the bandwidth to match it would just mean when you have the sliders at 70% that it would not be as precise but would make a difference as sync usually only moves a few Mbits either way anyhow.


A higher ping would effect you if that changed though as the lower the better.


2 As Crossy say's only having bandwidth so low you can not pass packets to the game server quick enough then bandwidth has no correlation.


My gaming went from 6mb down 1mb up to 53mb down to 17mb up and it has not changed one bit as my providers ping has stay exactly the same on ADSL as it is on fibre, It is the ping that counts (the round trip of packets having more width to the band does not get them there any faster or slower)


3 It would help in a normal situation as long as your ISP has no congestion to start with but if you want no local congestion and that is why you want this, with the Netduma you can eradicate that with the congestion control settings anyhow.


4 Iain is working on jitter correction at the moment from what I have read and how I see it is if your line has jitter it will rise and fall as other users of the ISP download etc in your area so the correction will pick the highest peak of the jitter and add ms on so the line stays at the peak as that is better than it fluctuating.


Then when the connection's jitter calms down say after peak time the added ms will be taken off, Ian or Fraser will correct me if this is wrong.

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