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Any beta firmware available?


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There is a process Netduma wishes to use with this firmware drop and the next.

​First they release a beta firmware for 2 UK testers only, once those 2 tear it apart and try to make the firmware break and there are no issues, then all of us are given a download link to it.

​The problem right now is, the beta firmware the 2 UK testers have is not without fault, meaning there is an issue in the firmware, it is being addressed and when it's sorted those 2 UK testers will use it and again, try to break the mofo. ;)

​If/when all goes well, we'll get our hands on the link for the 1.03.5 firmware.

​I'm eager for this firmware too but I don't want to flash my Netduma R1 only to find I have serious issues with my hardware, if anything serious goes wrong for those 2 testers the Netduma team can swiftly replace their routers, us on the otherhand would be royally screwed. So wait patiently and the goodies will come.

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