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Wifi issue with iphone....

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Hey folks, wondering if anyone else has had an issue with their Iphones running through the netdumas Wifi.


Ive had my ND for a week now and this problem is starting to really P me off.


I have a D-link 320b modem and my ND is connected to that.

Basically my iphone says it connected to my netduma and all looks ok but then just randomly its like there is no connection, as if the netduma is blocking any traffic through and out from my phone.

I noticed this issue when my imessages weren't being delivered and messages sent to me were coming in half hour or more after they were sent. (yes both me and other person both in wifi)

ive noticed there's nothing happening when using other apps like google or facebook. I have to go into the settings, turn of the wifi on my phone and then flick it back on in order to establish the traffic to the outside world again.  

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this wifi issue with my devices is really begining to P me right now.

what is causing my phone and laptop these connection problems.? i have tried every wireless channel and evrything noted above. Is there a problem with my netuma itself.? i didnt expect this issue for the price i paid.

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