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DL speed

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Your firmware should be version 1.03.4


Are the following in order, if not try this...


Access your router (i.e., Congestion Control (on left), Anti-Flood (on right) - Algorithim set it as Reactive, Download and Upload Caps set to 100%.

​Where it says Set Bandwidth, click on the bar, where it says Internet Connection set the Download to 150.00 and the Upload to 20.00, click on Update Bandwidth.

​If that fails, you'll need to factory reset your router and then power down both the Netduma and your modem for a couple of minutes, make sure to power them both back on together and start configuring your speed settings, as mentioned above.


**Factory Reset: Click on Settings then click on Miscellaneous, underneath Miscellaneous Actions click on Factory Reset.

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