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Since the latest update I have had to change my geo filter settings by turning off strict.


It's no issue but I have noticed its connecting to servers in New York or San Francisco.


Has any one else noticed this ( playing on ps4 )?


Also is it just that there servers are incorrectly located as my ping is still sub 20 in most cases and I can't believe I would be getting pings like that from London UK.

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Yebs that definitely sounds like miss located servers. Could you post 


1. Servers ID

2. Ping to the servers

3. Where you at


in this thread http://forum.netduma.com/topic/1723-cloud-incorrect-locations/so that someone for DUma team can have a look at them and moved them if the are miss located.


In the mean time you can play with strict off just as you do or you can make your search range very small with the strict on but setting you ping assist to like about 50 ms.

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